🌈🦖 Animal Crossing: New Horizons! 🌈🦖 Lost Pimp's Next Top Model! (Season 1) 🌈🦖


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🔥 Lost Pimp’s Next Top Model (Season 1) Contestants 🔥: #1 ethannd64, #2 jgistheboss12, #3 Jigmad3373, #4 YoYoYoshi95, #5 TalentlessHac (WINNER!), #6 MisterWario (LEFT), #7 angeliaheywood

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  1. It's me, TalentlessHac! Thanks for having me for the show and for the fabulous prize (also putting me in the thumbnail is pretty rad).

  2. I know you might not see this comment, but I've been watching your channel for years, ever since I was 5 i would constantly binge your animal crossing letsplays and paper mario and mario party and many more letsplays everyday !! I even got animal crossing on my DS because of how much I liked your animal crossing series. And even now after 9 years I love coming back to your channel and seeing your new live streams and new videos and rewatching your old ones ! I know u might not see this but thank you for being such a big part of my childhood and I'm gonna continue watching you videos whenever you post 😊😊

  3. I love fortnite i see you want to grow your channel. if you comment on my recent video and sub after you have watched i will shout you out in my next video. make sure you click on the video first


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