1000+ Seamless Transitions Review and Tutorial | Adobe Premiere Pro CC


⬇️Download Seamless Transition pack here by replayer:

What are the new updates to version 5.0 of this pack?
– Glass Transitions
– Broken Glass and Sliding Glass Transitions
– Stripe Transitions
– Split Screen Transitions
– 80+ Text Transitions
– 100+ Cinematic Color Presets

GEAR Featured in Video:
benQ 27″ Designer Monitor
Mac Pro 8-Core Computer
RØDE NT USB Microphone
LogicKeyboard Premiere Shortcuts Backlit
Senal Studio Monitor Headphones
Filmed with Canon M50

If you purchase this pack once on VideoHive, you will get free version updates to this pack for life.

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🎵Music in Tutorial from MusicBed:
Track is called “Roller Skates”

🎥Stock Video in Tutorial is from Envato Elements:

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  1. What will you use these transitions for? ⬇️Download Seamless Transition pack here by replayer: http://bit.ly/SeamlessTransitions

  2. I purchased their $50 pack today, and the transitions don't work. When i load them onto the timeline, i see the original footage full screen in the preview monitor, but the transitions show up as little boxes in the middle of the screen, with the preview image showing in them. I have reached out to them for help with no response.

  3. I subbed because I really like honest reviews, and I feel like you did a good job here. But you really should consider switching to PC, my Ryzen 7 3800X CPU paired with my NVIDIA GPU would render these clips in seconds, like prolly 3-4 seconds. I use alot of Orange 83 Presets and MOGRT'S, he really is amazing. I wish there was a software that also had Essential Motion Graphic Templates too. Because I feel like I'm a really good editor, but i don't know After Effects yet. I am going to be taking a class soon since I work at a University, but that's not until the Fall Semester. Anyway, great job!!! Get off Mac and Get on PC!!! All Adobe stuff is the same exact software on both platforms. : )

  4. You have to update your logo now since Adobe updated all there;s!!!! LOL Great Video. I'm thinking about buying this for my channel, but I don't know.

  5. Hello! I actually have the transition packs that I have downloaded with premiere pro. Everytime I import the transitions into my project sequence, it seems to not match with the frame size of my other clips, making it difficult for me to have any seamless transitions in my video projects. I have followed the above steps mentioned in your video, but the only hiccup is actually using them in my timeline. Thanks for the help!

  6. Hi cool effects! I saw you for the first time this past Saturday. Can the Seamless Transitions be used on any editing platform? Such as Davinci resolve?

  7. Is there no way to just save them as presets in the preset folder (effects) without having to drag and drop or saving it as a different Project?

  8. Well after multiple attempts, I can say this doesn't work at all, when you put the transition over the video you will move the sample video to, so instead of just having the transition on your video you will see the sample footage… any solution? or just accept that I threw 37$ out of the window? 😀


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