11 COOLEST Versions of Boring Cars

Giải Trí

Cars are cool. But some cars aren’t THAT cool, ya know? But that hasn’t stopped some carmakers from turning their most boring, uninspired automobiles into some actually sick vehicles. This is a list of certifiably BONKERS cars that started life as plain jane commuter cars. Doot doot you’re watching D-List.

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26 thoughts on “11 COOLEST Versions of Boring Cars

  1. I hate to ask, because LONG LIVE THE COMBUSTION ENGINE… but how could electric cars win over a tasty 5.0 V8?

  2. That Golf Country looks like they molded an ironing board to the front of it. Just undo a couple of wingnuts and boom, you can iron your shirts out in the wilderness.

  3. my cat jumped up on m keyboard and skipped to 7:32
    probably the best out of context experience I've had all week

  4. You forgot the most important thing about the Golf Country: It had what was basically a full tube frame chassis strapped underneath the unibody! That turns it from a MK2 playing dress up into a much more serious vehicle.

  5. "We love every car here at Donut" … Publish an episode that includes the rejects. Compile the odd. Like Isuzu!

  6. the reason why I clicked this video

    1% because its about cars
    99% because doge and cheems are in the thumbnail

  7. i had a Omni GLH when i was kid, the engine caught fire and I ditched it in a tacobell parking lot. wish i knew how cool it was back then

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