#1321: Using Booty Bands to Build Your Butt, How to Get Back on Track After Falling Off Plan & More


* A very special Father’s Day weekend. (5:18)
* COVID-19 Conspiracies. (10:59)
* Justin, the fan-favorite. (11:55)
* Shocking statistics of fatherless children. (13:12)
* The lasting impact of a parent’s actions. (18:30)
* The coolest dad’s in movies. (27:24)
* The thriving business of ‘Cardboard Fans’. (29:17)
* Mind Pump Debates: Are people leaving Social Media in droves? (31:48)
* How to alleviate the physical forms of anxiety with full-spectrum hemp oil. (37:35)
* The concept of protein distribution. (39:18)
* The pros and cons of working out in the morning vs. the evening. (42:55)
* #Quah question #1 – Are booty bands & hip circles effective for building the butt? What would be the best way to use a booty band? (39:20)
* #Quah question #2 – Are rest days actually important or can you do hard exercise 7 days a week? (50:58)
* #Quah question #3 – I have some nagging pain in my knees and shoulders which goes away when I work those areas in the gym but comes back the next day. Why does it feel better when I’m working these areas vs. when I’m resting them? (59:23)
* #Quah question #4 – How much do you guys cycle in and out of your healthiest self? How often do you fall off of your workouts or diet plan? How extreme does the pendulum swing and how long do these periods last? What are your first steps to get yourself back on track? (1:04:43)

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