35 IELTS Speaking PHRASES You Must Know | Band 8 Vocabulary


All these common English phrases will be extremely useful for your IELTS Speaking exam and will help you achieve a higher score. If you learn all of them, I guarantee that you will use at least some of them during your exam ☟click to show more☟

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  1. 1. It/something appeals to me because instead of i like it because

    2. I get a lot of pleasure out of doing something instead of i like to do something

    3. I am keen to do something

    4. I am keen on doing something

    5. I am not keen on doing something

    6. I am a keen something

    7. I am fond of something

    8. I am fond of doing something

    9. To grow fond of something/ I've grown fond of something

    Ask for clarification

    10. Sorry, I didnt quite catch that

    11. Could you say that again?

    12. Could you what you mean by something?

    Provide clarification

    13. To put it another way

    14. What I am trying to say is

    15. What I mean is

    If you are not sure what to say

    16. That's a difficult question

    17. That's a good question

    18. I never thought about it before but I guess

    Agreeing with something

    19. I couldn't agree more

    20. I totally agree

    21. Absolutely

    22. Definitely

    23. Precisely

    24. I tend to agree with that

    25. I tent to agree that

    26. it depends

    27. I think it really depends

    Disagreeing with something

    28. That's one way of looking at it/however

    29. That's not always true

    Expressing your opinion not the fact

    30. As far as I am concerned

    31. As I see it

    32. As far as I know

    33. I suppose

    34. I would imagine

    Expressing facts

    35. I'm convinced

    36. There's no other way


    37. To wrap up/sum up

  2. I found it super useful but what is your example about I WAS KEEN ON GOING TO THE PARTY…
    I did not follow the rest of it.

  3. Hello,
    i am an ESL. firstly, thank you for your efforts. and, i have a question please, can we use this expressions in academic writings ? thanks in advance.

  4. Yet another useful video. You are doing a great job to helping people. All your videos are helpful and simple to understand with ease.

  5. Mam my speaking exam is on 12feb so please recommend something faster to improve my speaking answers because ideas don't come in my mind

  6. Thanks a lot for such a helpful video. It appears that it is exactly what I need right now for my Ielts preparation. If I get a chance I will definitely put those on use

  7. Damn I was very keen on learning IELTS through your channel. But when you said Arsenal over Chelsea. I wasn't keen anymore.

  8. You get a thumbs down for taking a swipe at President Trump. He's not alone on that global warming talk distrust

  9. I definitely enjoyed watching your video, It helps me to get an idea about how to prepare for speaking in IELTS and thanks a lot for making this video God bless you.. 🙂


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