4GB| How to optimize Amd Radeon R7M440 for gaming (best settings)| Vipez Tutorial


Optimize your laptop/ computer AMD Radeon settings for the best performance in all overall way. Apply these AMD settings and Boot your gaming performance

# Amd Radeon R7M450 Graphics Setting

This is the setting for 4GB RAM laptop having AMD Radeon graphics card.This video is releated with the tutorial about the settings and performance of AMD Radeon r7 m440. In this video I have shown you how you can perform better performance of AMD Radeon r7 m440 by just following simple steps. Just put the same settings which I will provide to you in the video. I have even provide a video clip of a game for the proof.


If you faced any setting problem for the AMD settings then you can comment me down below.

Peace out……..

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  1. Hi, nice video!

    But I have a big question for you, What is the driver version that are you using?

    Because I have installed many drivers and my computer recognize that the graphic card is an Radeon R7 M340.

    I'd really appreciate your help!

    Have a good day bro!

  2. i dont know but when i update it from device manager then m440 convert into m445 and gameplay is like hell..cant play even Mario game

  3. Can ı ask you a questıon

    When ı bought my laptop the graphic card's name was amd radreon r7 m440 but after the update my graphic cards name was chanced and now its name is amd radeon r7 m340 what should ı do ?? PLSS HELP ME


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