5 Fast Fixes to Common Frustrating Problems in Adobe Premiere Pro! (Video Editing How to) (CC 2018)


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In this tutorial, I will show you 5 common frustrating video editing issues in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and how to fix them!

1. Mismatched Sizes – Often times a project may involve many different sized clips which can cause issues if you aren’t aware of your sequence size and desired project size beforehand. This can be fixed by scaling or planning specifications beforehand.

2. Audio or Video Footage Not Dragging – Make sure you have the tracks highlighted so source patching allows you to drag the proper footage back on the sequence timeline.

3. Media Offline – You can relink offline media by locating it on your hard drive if you’ve moved it mid edit or unplugged a drive. You can also use offline media as a way to edit drafts and turn it back on in the future.

4. Warp Stabilizer – and speed can’t be used on the same clip or requires clip dimensions to match sequence. You can fix this by nesting the clip which acts as a new clip.

5. Un-Nest Clips – You can bring the original clips back after nesting by either going into the sequence and copy pasting or dragging sequences from the project media bin.

Hopefully these fixes will save you many hours of frustration in future video editing projects!


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  1. i have a problem i dont know how to fix can u help me? everytime i put in a video any vid its just superfast and the playback speed is on normal dont know why pls help me i even tried reinstalling it and the same problem happens?

  2. oh my god if I could donate you money for this, you're more helpful than all of those answers from the adobe team in their page

  3. the dimensions of my camcorder and ipad don't match. my ipad displays a rectangular video whereas the camcorder displays a square vido. i can't fix that problem through effects controls tho. can i please get help?

  4. What about when Premiere suddenly changes the layout completely out of nowhere and you want the regular layout back?

  5. What I find frustrating is that it won't show video content which is placed outside the visible area in the program monitor. I need to put many video's outside the screen before they enter with keyframes and would like to see them…… Thanks for any advise!!

  6. Thanks dude. I am on a project which is driving me insane since no media appears unlinked but it always says media is missing when I try to export.

  7. Sorry to just ask but I just saw this nice tutorial. Can you please tell me what to do to copy and past clip to the same line when I want to loop the clip? All the times I copy and paste a clip, it always gets pasted into another line, not connected to the one I just copied.

  8. Do you have a fix for captions getting cropped off in Premiere Pro CC 2019? Eg – a 1080×1080 project that was converted to 1920×1080, the captions are still set at the 1080×1080 and get chopped. Can't find a means to change the caption frame size. 🙁

  9. I'm not understanding how to connect the corners of the clips. it treats the edges as pitfalls and images get cut off if you're trying to place them at the back. FCP automatically fixes this and has the edges connected. Any ideas on this?


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