9 SURPRISINGLY Good Drift Cars

Giải Trí

Drifting is sick, but what if you wanna rip some skids in a car that’s NOT a 240SX or E36? This is a list of 9 very uncommon (yet super capable) drift cars that you won’t have to pay the drift tax on. These cars are undercover burners-of-rubber, and this is the ding dang D-list.

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33 thoughts on “9 SURPRISINGLY Good Drift Cars

  1. 0:55 Everyone has seen his face. There is like 99999999 videos or photos of him. Why everyone is freaking out about his face.

  2. I have a 98 Mustang GT 5 speed , and I can drift that bitch perfect I actually like it more thin the new stangs

  3. Hey guys you are my favorite channel and im a big fan of all of your shows and videos, i just wanted to consider an “all you need to know” about the K20 engine. Would love to see it, hope you see this and go with my idea. Thanks alot!

  4. Back in the day, we would take an old chevy Monza and drop in a 350, 327, 400, whatever small block we could pull out of a junky 70's Impala or Caprice. Welded diffs would eventually self destruct unless you ran the dinky stock tires. Guys about 10 years before this were doing it with Vega's.

  5. Make sure bigger axles are used if doing wrx rwd…axles will twist atleast thats what ive seen on a gc8 with 220kw otherwise make sure you have a few cause you will be going through them

  6. You dont need those shit buckets to drift.
    All that u need in Ukraine is a 300$ lada 2105 or if successfull businessmen you can buy a necro bmw on lithuanian number plates. And when it finally die you change your bnw to beer box.
    Buuuuuuut, if you dont have nothing just buy something with rwd, wait until rain and go to the market parking……and you a drift king

  7. I live in Kaliningrad and because Europe is so close (and Vladivostok is so far) we have almost exclusively BMW cars at drift events. Honestly, is kinda boring. Last year we only had two Nissan cars and even they were European versions.

  8. 4:03 <—— I S e e A B l u e D o g

    It's proly cuz the window of the car or something dats clear and blue 😛

  9. My father got the e39 diesel with 134 Hrspwrs I think and get this Monster sideways on a hairpin uphill

  10. Lol great vid as always but with your great power and influence all the cars you listed will now be drift taxed lol #lovetheshow #lovethechannel #driftasfuck

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