Adobe Audition CC 2019 Tutorial (New Features)


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  1. New deNoise isn't so accurate as previous NoiseReduction. It can be prooved on voiceovers. Mike, U agree with that? I sаw yours video, where U was saying another opinion…

  2. Mike can you plz tell Adobe to allow midi tracks. I mean i know it's not impossible for them to do, i just can't for the life of me think why they never decide to add this feature!! I want to use izotope's sutter edit in peace!!!

  3. What the possibility you show us in windows to Mike .
    and for some dam reason the editor in multi view wont select cut and paste mmm
    any help appreciated . I have your udemy course follow along yet he multi view editor not working as in your demo . single file fine .

    have written many many times never a reply We trust you don't forget your udemy students here .

    because most only want the likes .

    i know you will reply with help that's required ,Mike
    Warmly Johannes

    Hear back shortly
    or someone else might point out why that is ?

  4. Quick question my friend , what kind of software you’re using to mirror your self like that without the background ? Thank you you will help me a lot with that

  5. He I need software for enhancing my Voice quality when I do a Live Podcast over Skype and Zoom. can you advise which the best option, please?

  6. WOW !! All those new colours we can play about with, like changing the Hue etc, beats me. WOW! Look ! Noise reduction and de-reverb, jeezaloo, finding it very hard to stop my skirt blowing up. Well, its not ringing my bell and its just a very minute update. No justification for the monthly fee that you 'cash cows' are generating. I can do all that and more in my DAW than Audition. Cool Edit Pro has not come very far since Adobe bought them out and totally stuffed which used to be a Pro Industry Standard audio editor, and I know what I'm talking about.

  7. really not much of an upgrade from 2018. I was expecting a full new suite of DAW related tools for making, mixing and mastering music, soundtracks, etc. Disappoting "upgrade". It's far more like a small update.

  8. Is there a way to have ALT Mouse Scrollwheel zoom in and out to playhead in Audition? Like how ALT Mouse Scroll is used in almost every other Adobe software?


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