Adobe Audition CC Tutorial for Beginners – Getting Started


Adobe Audition CC tutorial for beginners – the full and complete getting started guide – with Mike Russell. Learn how to use Adobe Audition for the first time. If you’re a complete beginner this is the Adobe Audition tutorial you should watch first!

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  1. Can you purchase audition outright? I saw on their website it's a monthly subscription? I want something similar to cool edit pro and this is as close as it gets

  2. Thanks a lot. I’m trying to get rid of the unnecessary noise I get when I record audio using other softwares. Could you guarantee that this software is better? I want to buy one for my home studio.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial Mike Russell! Short and simple. I've been using Audacity for years but figured I'd start learning Adobe Audition. I can tell with this program I'll have a lot more freedom move and mix my music tracks.

  4. I've been using Sony Vegas for years, but everybody kept on saying Audition was better. Now that I see this tutorial I can tell they are pretty much the same…

  5. good evening mike russel how to i finanalize a recording lik after i record it on the beat how do i merge the voice and instrumental to ONE mp3? thank you when you get the chance

  6. sir i am using adobe audition without monthly pay (from india) and i have a plan to buy a prepodcast for audiobook recoding from musicradiocreative,
    so please guide me as soon as possible

  7. This is just what I needed. I couldn't figure out the difference between Wave and Multitrack. I just made my first podcast trim/edit using the multitrack when I should have used Wave. Oh well, you learn best by doing… Thanks so much!

  8. Hi,

    I have Focusrite forte soundcard, I want to record via adobe and take out 4 audio out to 4 amplifiers from adobe via scientific filtered (low pass, bandpass, high pass), is it possible in the Live Show?

  9. Hi Mike, Thanks for this video! One question though, how to create the present voice oscillator at 13.07 ?
    Thanks again and have a nice day!


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