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Adobe Audition CS6 Tutorial with Mike Russell. What’s new compared to Adobe Audition CS5.5 Including a brand new feature that will be of great use to radio imaging producers who like to voice sync!



  1. Here's an Adobe Audition CS6 for Beginners playlist:

  2. Unfortunately it did not work. You did not explain how to select both of the voices traks. Thanks for the effort anyway… 🙂

  3. YES!! I'M LEARNING NOW! Transitioning from 3.0 to CS6 lol Still a newbie after 6 years. Time to get better thanks!!

  4. What can I do if this happen :"Error: Invalid or unsupported file. If you would like to try using the Dynamic Link Media Server, please go to Preferences > Media & Disk Cache and enable the option "Enable DLMS Format Support" and try to open the file again."

  5. Hello! Can I ask you a question about adobe audition? I'm playing a saxophone. I want to have my own recordings. I bought the mixer, the recording microphone … I tried the recording but there was a problem in the sound. Can you help me? Can I send a sample for you to check?

  6. please help me mike, ive been struggling to get those waveforms. i know after i record if i increase the amplitude i can raise the heights. but while recording im getting feable and small waveforms…..what could i do? please help

  7. Thanks for this video, very helpful.  I was wondering if you might answer another question.  If I want to record vocals on track 1 and mute the music in track two – why does AU record the muted music as well?  Also another application for this, if I want to record myself singing over a Karaoke track which I listen to through headphones, AU records the music as well.  Is there any way to stop this happening, so I can keep the two tracks separate for editing later?  Thanks!

  8. With reference to my first request below… using the sync you mention is Ok for very short clips, but I get an (out of memory) error message with a full file… When using Multitrack, I can't find a way to select clips? So there are a couple questions then… One, Syncing full audio files… and How do you select clips in Multitrack? Selecting clips in individual files doesn't seem to work… 3rd question would then be, in Multitrack, How do you digitally move a track on the timeline…? Moving by hand is too coarse when you're trying to match within 1/1000th of a second… Thank You again!

  9. Mike hi:
    My wife and I are documentary producers (YouTube: scubafilmfactory) and voice over is our major bottleneck. I found that synthesized voices are very good these days (much better than mine voice..). The issue is that it is still synthesized and one can feel it. I think adding some "colors" would be solution. At the moment I am trying to learn how to change time between words and edit tempo and pitch at some segments. Do you have any tutorials about this? Thank you.

  10. I guess I'm the only one not following this. I have adobe cs6 and a couple of the default aspects in your software seems a bit different than mine. I downloaded your presets, but man, I don't know how to use 'em or how to find them on the software. Nothin'. I can't apply them, Idk. You ought to make a tutorial on how to use your presets after they're downloaded. I know there were instructions on the downloadable presets, but I can't seem to do what it says. I've recorded audio before with software and I was really exited about your presets. I just wished I knew how to use them or had better, more thorough instructions.

  11. I heard about you when listening to Ray Ortega and his podcast dealing with the FetHead in-line Mic Amp. So I have given it a "GO" (so-to-speak).

  12. mac performs much better than pc, but if a part breaks in a mac and you replace it, you loose your warranty, so you have to by another mac. If a part breaks in a pc, you can by a replacement part and keep your warranty.

  13. Hi Mike,
    I am madly in love with the filters in Adobe audition 3. I can't seem to locate the 'Drop off below 250Hz' preset in Au CS6. This effect in the Au 3 is found within the Scientific filters (through Filters and EQ). Could you help me on how to achieve it Au CS6? Many thanks. I appreciate your tutorials a lot!

  14. Listed as a tutorial for beginners.  I would say its a tutorial for the moderately advanced.  As a beginner, sadly, this didn't help me at all.

  15. hello, it's me Shasindra Gautam from Nepal . I'm doing audio editing since 10 years . still i use old version of adobe audition . I want to know about how to use new cs6 version . I watched all video posted on youtube . but i can't find single video of full instruction . how could I get single video of full instruction, do you have any idea ? could you plz inform me .

  16. Why do all tutorials have to start already open. Is there a video that jumps right into "How to make a 24 track template for people used to recording on ANALOG tape machines!"????? And then, how to file and save your project so as to never ever ever lose files! 

  17. Macs…brilliant and fast lol…if you put the same amount of money of say an Imac Pro and build a kickass PC instead you'll probably have some change left, AND it'll be faster !
    Them Mac users convincing themselves their stuff is still the best..

  18. i personally like pc because i build my own pcs so i can customize the parts for whatever that pc is going to be used for.


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