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More videos from the full Adobe Audition CS6 Mobile course can be seen here: This Adobe Audition CS6 Tutorial Video shows you how to manually make pitch corrections with the latest edition of this powerful program. You’ll get hands-on tips from leading experts, with more info and free samples at the InfiniteSkills site. YouTube:


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  1. Can we turn someone's voice into another person's voice? For example I have 1 person's voice I want to convert it to another person's voice. Is that possible?

  2. Thank you for this very helpful video!! Great commenting. I had to burst out loud laughing when I first heard the last bit of the vocal track. It sounded like someone had inhaled helium and sang the last notes!

  3. Thank you so much for the video. Is there any way to Manually Pitch Correct an audio, having another audio (lets say a MIDI track) as a guide?, something like "Match notes on Track 1". Thank you once again.

  4. can someone tell me how your just supposed to know what each note should be hes like she sung on c-fndjsfkdnsiaojrenwio which means its supposed to be an A


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