Adobe Audition: Export Tracks To Separate Files in Multitrack


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How To Export Tracks in Multitrack to Separate Files in Adobe Audition CC 2019

Adobe Audition CC 2019:
This tutorial will show you how to export some or all of the tracks in a Multitrack Session to separate files (instead of a mixdown).
For example, you can export each track as their own mp3 file.

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How To Export Tracks As Separate Files in Adobe Audition CC 2019:
1. Open up a project in the Multitrack of Adobe Audition (multiple tracks of audio)
2. To Rename Tracks…Click on the Track Title on the left side of track and type in new name
3. Go to File…Export…Multitrack Mixdown….Entire Session
4. File name is the ‘Prefix’ before the Track Name (Keep the file name extension such as .mp3, but you can delete everything else if you only want the exported files to be the name of the Track. Audition will always add an underscore (_) before the Track Name)
5. Click ‘Browse’ to choose a Location to Save
6. Click ‘drop-down’ arrow to change Format
7. Click ‘Change’ to change Sample Type
8. Click ‘Change’ to change Format Settings
9. ***Mixdown Options***Click ‘Change’
10. Uncheck the boxes under ‘Master’
11. Check the box next to ‘Track’ if you want to export all tracks as separate files or check individual tracks if you only want to export select tracks.
12. Click OK and Audition will export each track (can take a couple of minutes depending on how many tracks you have)
13. Check the Folder you saved to and all of your tracks should be there in the File Format you chose with the Prefix_Track Name


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  1. Hi! Thank you for this! I have one question though: When I export each track out like this they all become 18.21 long!? Why is this? They are all cut down to the appropriate lenght

  2. Thanks for this tutorial! Quick question, I'm editing a short film with multiple tracks, I was able to bring the audio into Audition from Premiere but I didn't make the handles long enough so I thought to bring back the audio to Premiere but then I realized it would only export as one track, so I found this video but then it would be too difficult to re-sync my 15 tracks. Is there a way to just copy one audio clip from Premiere to an already open Audition project? Whenever I would try to copy and paste I couldn't find where it pasted to. Is there a simpler way of doing this?

  3. Alas, I just lost time. My tracks 5.1. through this method they are saved only as stereo. But I need to save in the format in which they are 5.1. AU – is unique product but absolutely mediocre made.

  4. Hey Mike, thanks for the info, this has been helpful. One more question: how do you keep each track from being the length of the longest track? I'm getting blank audio at the end of my shorter tracks so that all tracks come out the same length. Thank you.


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