Adobe Audition For Beginners | Music Production | 2020


Adobe Audition Tutorial | tips, tricks, presets & more.
►Recording/Mixing Program (Adobe Audition) –
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►Find the BPM for your song:

►Vocal plugins, Beat plugins, Instrumental loops & more –

►Artwork, logos, promotion & more –

►Get Your Songs On Spotify/Apple Music. $18 for Unlimited uploads for the first year –

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  1. Question….I have my interface and everythinf working. But when i go to record i can hear myself in my headphones but the beat plays on my laptop speakers. Is it a setting i have set wrong??

  2. Thank you for taking time making this video. You’ve helped so many people from doing this tutorial. Great work!

  3. Adobe audition adobe audition, tracks that be switchin', it's just the beginnin'
    My shitty rap skills aside, thanks for this tutorial, very helpful!

  4. Yo Kelli Man, I Just Wanted To Ask You How Do You Clean Your Vocals On Adobe Audition Like The Back Ground Noise. May You Kindly Do A Video On That Please. Thank You

  5. How does Audition stack up against other DAWS like Pro Tools & Logic etc? I use FL to mix beats, but all vocal mixing & recording I do in Audition… l love Audition, but how effective will this be in the long run

  6. Helped a lot man cheers! Quick question how do you add extra tracks in? i found a way to do by like duplication or somethin but I no there must be a quicker way..

  7. Just started using Adobe about a month ago and your tutorials are so damn good. Thank you for taking the time to make them. I'm eager to learn and you are so generous and precise with your knowledge.

  8. I just wanted to say god damn your mad chill explaining these things! Also you actually go through the information throughly with precision unlike other people doing tutorials!

  9. No joke I didn't even consider using Adobe Audition. I'm over here looking at FL Studio, Samplitude Pro and Ableton.
    I'm also a new subscriber and shocked why your channel isn't much much bigger. 💖💖💖

  10. Yo bro thanks a lot for this. Your tutorials are so easy to follow!
    Wanted to ask would you do another guide where you show a more advanced way of mixing and mastering? Like with the plugins that you would use most often and stuff like that?

  11. Kelli! which mic is best for Rap/Rnb vocal. Aston spirit or Rode Nt2a which one should I buy? and if there is any other mic at the price range let me know.


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