Adobe Photoshop Touch Review (on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1)


In this video, I do an in depth walkthrough and review of the Adobe Photoshop Touch app available on both Android and iOS tablets. The Photoshop Touch app gives you a whole bunch of features found on the desktop version of Photoshop, and is designed specifically for tablets. The app costs $9.99 from Google Play and/or the App Store.



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Adobe Photoshop Touch Review (on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1)



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  1. Фууу ты самый худший видеоблогер фуууу!!! Дизлайков тебе по больше и лови от меня дизлайк!!!!

  2. What they need to do is make mirsoft word processing programs available from mircosoft. Then like you said add video and sound editor thats good so then you can edit because right now theres no full out good program.

    Samsung needs to make a tablet that is made to video, audio, and picture and business baeed. If they did this, then people would be happy.

  3. I have the Note 10.1.. What is the best way to load photos from your sd camera card on to the 10.1 for editing with Photoshop? There is no usb and only a micro sd slot.

  4. i'm smiling watching this! …just bought this gadget last night and haven't used PS yet… by watching this video i started to love it already! thanks.

  5. It's not even close to the PC Photoshop's functionality, but I use only these basic tools (like brush and crop) on my PC, so I wouldn't really mind.

  6. I really wish all these Americans on these videos I watch would stop going ahead and doing something. Whats wrong with just doing something?


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