Adobe Photoshop Touch Tutorial


Photoshop. The name is ubiquitous with photo editing. If you haven’t heard of it before, then you’ve probably made a nice home under a wonderful rock.

But Adobe could never release a version of Photoshop for the iPad. It’s too big. Too clunky. And would just bog down that little tablet.

Well, they figured out a way to make it work, and Adobe Photoshop Touch is the name!

Real Photo Editing from Adobe
What makes Photoshop Touch so wonderful is that it was designed with a touch interface in mind. The way you use the tools and menus is intuitive and easy. Adobe took some time creating an app that would appeal to those of us that work on tablets.

And the program is robust. Though it cannot do everything that Photoshop can do, its power lies in having the correct tools chosen for the tablet app. I am able to sit down, import a photo, and edit it to the point that I feel comfortable with printing it.

But then I can export it to the cloud and import it into my desktop Photoshop!

Yep, they work together that well. For those of us that use it for art, bouncing our image back and forth from desktop to tablet is wonderful.

So grab a cup of coffee and your iPad, and enjoy another episode of The Theatre Professor Vidcast!

As always, this this video is for educational purposes.

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