Adobe PREMIERE RUSH CC 2019 – Best Video Editing Tool for YouTubers! [Full Overview]


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In this Video, we are going to be taking a look at a Brand New Video Editing Tool for Content Creators. Adobe Premiere Rush is a cross platform video editing tool that helps content creators and YouTubers edit video on Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and Mac!

Adobe Premiere Rush is FREE to use for a Maximum of 3 Exports.

I will be showing you guys all the features and how to use Adobe Premiere Rush to edit your videos.

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  1. How did you zoom in to see the transition effect you added? On a tablet I can punch to zoom but I'm not sure on the computer. Thanks!

  2. While my Rush installing i watch your tutorial at the same time. Thanks for the tutorial & the upload too! This is like a class but on YouTube.

  3. I like the review here…… but one suggestion…… can you slow down a bit when speaking? It's hard to keep up with what you're saying.

  4. Can I add microphone voice over using rush? I am creating Let's Play Videos and dont have a microphone for my xbox, but want to add voice-over on my laptop.


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