Africa’s Next Top Model is a reality television show in which a number of women compete for the title of Africa’s Next Top Model and a chance to start their career in the modeling industry. The show is hosted by supermodel Oluchi, and features aspiring models from a wide variety of countries all over the African continent.

Enjoy the exciting second episode.

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  1. Does Cheandre or whatever her name is eyebrows bother anyone else?
    Why are they already in runway on the second challenge?
    Why don’t they have a translator already on hand?
    This show is raunchy to me.

  2. Oooo a dramatic moment!!👀

    Audio: let me just make my way out

    I'm out here tryna learn how to read lips 😫🤦🏿‍♀️

  3. The whole show was about ratings so that’s why they kept Omowuni for dramas, everything was so cheap. I was rooting for season 2 but That’s why they did not get a lot of ratings and views and that’s why Season 2 never happened. I really love OLUCHI for putting her precious times but some of her other judges and production team were really cheap.
    The hairstylist was cheap and he did not know how to do Our Black Sisters hair at all. The whole fashion is so CHEAP & BORING 😂😂😂😂 I love the designer, he was very handsome.

  4. I like Africa's Next Top Model. It seems more of a competition. And the Nigerian who claims she is the one and the rest of the chicks better step back came close to being pulled out. I was so hoping that low rating from the judges calm her down.

  5. What is this staining, mean. The only professional person is the other woman . The fashion was a joke. No help from the staff
    Come on The director is terrible

  6. Having watched top model, every American season, as well as other seasons from numerous other countries I was taken aback about how immature and what a big deal the girls were about Rulani maybe being bisexual!!??
    Who cares? That is so not a big deal in this day and age…..silly immature girls…many more important things to care about and focus on.

  7. Aamito is so well spoken, so mature in composure for her age. You can tell she can bring attitude and humility at the same time.

  8. What I like about the photographer is his professional advice wasn't intended or delivered to crush the models' spirit, he EDUCATED. If you are green "new to the industry" you may think he was being harsh. However if they take his advise seriously and execute it, they will progress and see so much growth in their craft.

  9. Why does the sound go in then out like bro I'm trying to watch like I don't wanna wait 5 minutes after the good part in the sound back on like keep the sound of the whole show on

  10. Wumi should've been gone. Safira should've stayed, look at her face. They could've worked with her. She looks like a model, Wumi doesn't.

  11. I was watching it this year because Safira captured my interest to follow her journey in the show. But since, she was eliminated, i'd rather stopped watching the show in this episode…

  12. Wat!!!! Oluchi said the dress was simple with the designer on the side….that's disrespectful 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻


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