After Effects Tutorial: Particles Logo & Text Animation (2019)


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After Effects Tutorial 2019
What’s going on guys this is wasiful from Flimlion VisualFX. first of all wishing you a wonderful Happy new year.

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In this tutorial i will show you how to make a Powerful Particles text & logo Animation inside of After Effects using a third party plugin called tarpcode particular.
If you want to make a Stunning Particles logo Animation for your Video intro, or for your client’s then this particle animation will help you to make a awesome logo animation.

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Background Audio –
Song: Jim Yosef – Link [NCS Release]


Project Files –

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lighting footage –
smoke footage –
Lens Flares –
Trapcode Particular –


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  2. `hey bro at least mention the equipment needed in the end precisely there is a huge collection at the sites u mentioned..plz do something or upload the content in the last on media fire or on drive…would appreciate that

  3. I have a doubt….I have done my intro and thank u very much…but how to make the sound for the particle movement and the sound of lightning?

  4. facing difficulty finding the assets in the last..u could have just upload it on drive and mentioned link but u didn' plz

  5. Description footage are not freely available 😭😭😭😭😭I watch video and think to try but I couldn't download a single footage

  6. Please I want the names of these effects from you in order to download them from the site. I am subscribing for a year only. I want the names of the effects and the names of music to download from you please.

  7. Can you write to me what effect you have chosen from these effects? You know, there are many of them on the site. I want to use such a video. Thank you.

  8. Hello

    I have subscribed to the Effects website but I want to download the effect without the green screen. I registered for a year

  9. thank you for this tutorial but I have a problem .. I have after affect 2019 but i didn't found particular effect, how can I get it please?

  10. you should say these are trapcode effects! I want the effects that come with base suite of AE not what I have to pay for!

  11. भाई I really appreciate to uh..❤️, I used to think that it is very difficult to do all this, But when I saw your video I felt everything was simple.
    *I am also a editor*, Thank you very much for your encouragement. ♥️♥️, you are very great editor भाई।❤️

  12. Hi. I like this video. Thank you. Good tutorial. I know why you didn't give all the file, anyway can make it myself just nice one. Love to learn. Hope you can make more tutorial opener like this 😃

  13. Thanks sir, I have subscribed and I think you will more provide useful lessons and some free pack preset / project file to use. thanks again. I love it.

  14. When i change the layer emitter >layer to emitter all my particles disappear. Im following this tutorial exactly i cant get past this issue


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