All-New 2021 Ford F 150 // What you need to know.


Here is the most important vehicle launch of the year. Yup the Ford F-150 has been the best seller in US 40 years and over 50 years in Canada, it’s the best selling vehicle in Canada. Period
It sure looks like an F-150. The design has larger diameter wheels plus a wider track to produce a more powerful stance. There is a 3% improvement in aerodynamics with active grille shutters and active air dam on the bottom, similar to RAM. There will be 11 different grille designs with a C-Clamp design headlamp with either halogen, LED reflector headlamps and LED projector headlamps. There are 13-different wheel designs. I guess the adage, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it applies here. Better to er on the side of caution.
Still aluminum body steel frame. Targets were best-in-class towing, payload, torque and HP
There are three cab styles and box lengths with six engines available
Ford says this truck rucks represent work, recreational use and family time
All F-150 models now come standard with the 10-speed automatic, from the 3.3L V6, the 2.7 and 3.5L Ecoboost V6’s, the 5.0L V8 and 3.0L powerstroke V6 diesel. BTW, 60% of sales are Ecoboost engines. New is the PowerBoost full hybrid matched with the 3.5L Ecoboost engine and available on all SuperCrew models. Along with the 3.5L engine is a 35kw electric motor, which is integrated into the 10-speed automatic transmission and powered by and 1.5 kwh lithium water cooled battery. This combination is targeted at best-in-class torque and horsepower with at least 12000 lb. towing capacity and 700 mile range on a tank of fuel.

The biggest changes are a bunch of incremental updates and some good ones too.
Research shows that one third of F-150 owners use a laptop or tablet in their truck but it wasn’t comfortable so they reconfigured the centre console making a table because they have a shifter that folds down.
There is an optional fold down front seat that is designed for buyers to use to take a nap. I like naps.
Under the rear seat is a folding box that remains secure when seat is folded down, the box can fold flat.
The full-length running board will deploy when the key comes close to the truck or there is a kick tab to do it without the key.
The tailgate has been built to use as a work bench with a clamp-able edge and tie downs and ruler.
There is a fully integrated on-board generator available on all models. there is a 7.2 Kilowatt system available or 2.4Kilowatt system with the new hybrid or 2.0 Kilowatt on other gas models This is a big deal, by not having to carry a generator to a job or camping is a game changer and it works well with the new tailgate work area.
Inside Ford focused on better materials and more storage. Some easter eggs to look for like map of Detroit inset into the door pocket or the American flag detail etched into the instrument panel. A reminder that the F-150 is made in the USA, unlike some competitors… On XL and XLT there is an 8-inch screen replacing the small 4.2-inch screens . There is a 12-inch screen on the other models, that’s over 50% of sales will have this larger screen. This is in landscape mode, helping to keep the physical buttons and dials truck owners demand. That’s a shot at RAM …BTW. These units are now using the latest Sync4 system which has twice the computing power than before. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now both wireless, a nice update for android users. This system also lets the owner monitor the generator power supply. There is a digital owners manual plus free 911 assist. This is a connected Truck too with over the air upgrades available with either automatic upgrades or scheduled.
There is an available 12-inch digital instrument cluster too. The added storage is included in the dash, centre console and under the rear seats. The real proof is to see if the materials are as good as RAM when we get our hands on it. The F-150 comes with standard co-pilot 360 safety technology including pre-collision assist and emergency braking and more. The F-150 is also capable with active drive assist that enables hands-free driving with pre-mapped devided highways. This sounds like the Cadillac Super Cruise system. This can be added to the truck over the air or at the dealership, starting next year.
So there it is the all-new F-150 with some cool new features including a hybrid. Would you buy a hybrid truck or wait for the full-electric F-150 that’s in the works.


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  1. I am waiting for that tow strap that can help a fella pull a million-pound train out of the way at the job sight. That tow strap is the real game-changer here. *That is one million pounds…Then they Bring out the "Super" Duty and say with confusing excitement: "37,000 pounds towing!!" They have everything for everyone now, and that is their key to remaining King.

  2. What a great design tha Ford f150 is very futuristic truck that have very unique specifications unique style unique perfomance unique interior and exterior the most of all its compatible for
    everyday working because they have complete work tools everthing you need and where ever
    you go..

  3. Curious what the Powerboost Hybrid output numbers will be. With only a 1.5 kW-Hr battery, it'll likely be similar to Ram's eTorque system where electric assistance will only add torque off the line and aid the Auto Stop/Start function.

  4. Wonder is it has laminated glass and audio noise reduction like RAM? RAM says their cabin is the most quiet. Thats huge when driving while talking.

  5. With all the 'circus lights' on the dash, how is a driver reminded to turn their headlights on with the base non-auto headlight models? Are all models coming with auto headlights?

    The so-called "Phantom" cars, driving around at night, with no exterior lights on but the DRL's drive me nuts! It's a huge safety hazard, and I see it all the time. What are they doing to help this?

  6. So many gimmicks! For one thing, real construction workers don't get fully trimmed out vehicles. It's not cost effective. We also don't have time to nap on job sites, (come on Zack). The interior is still way behind RAM, according to the pictures shown. Same old Ford buttons everywhere, awful fonts used everywhere. Too many Ford people that keep buying Fords over and over again without checking out the other better options.

  7. In surprised Ram is still competitive. Many of the ram owners I know that like to keep their trucks 5+ years won’t be buying another one.

  8. Great updates, love the interior, shifter that retracts with table! Smart of them to keep the 5.0L V8, if not they will lose a lot of customers, including me!

  9. I don't find the exterior changed dramatically but Ford did a nice upgrade to the interior.
    I am going to consider trading in my Honda Ridgeline for the Lariat model. I don't need a truck, I want a truck, but must have luxury features.

  10. I was hoping for a 4 cylinder EcoBoost to rival the Silverado's 4 banger turbo. I'm not going to do a lot of towing or hauling I just love the flexibility of a pickup and looking for the best MPG possible.

  11. It’s quite the wish list options, I can imagine the “build & price” would take a few days to complete.
    Definitely a beauty of a truck.

  12. I want to move to USA, just to buy this truck and tell everyone „Hey I can fold my shifter and use the tailgate as a work bench! :D“

  13. Zach, RAM's are built in the USA, in Sterling Heights, Michigan.
    I don't understand your comment at the 4:00 mark?

  14. Looks good inside. I really want to see the XLT trim and various grills that come in those. We all know that’s the big seller and Limited and King Ranch sell very few.

  15. Surprised they have money for even a modest redesign. Considering ford stock price is so bad and that they lose so much money with the poorly built cars they have made.

  16. trucks are getting better yes,and much much more expensive. a lot of them are more expensive than Lux full size suvs:-|

  17. I imagine a year or so from now, the Expedition might get a refresh based on these changes.
    Would be a nice update to the interior

  18. Not much difference in styling from the 2020 version, although the interior is a leap forward. I'm waiting to see a XLT version instead of the Lumber-Lincoln top of the range. I'll take a nice simple 5.0L V8 version in XLT trim. It's a truck, not a goofy Cybertruck. Excellent review as always, Zach!


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