America's Next Top Model After Show | Mamé & Justin Kim Interview | AfterBuzz TV

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Interview with Mamé & Justin Kim
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AFTERBUZZ TV – America’s Next Top Model edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s America’s Next Top Model. In this episode host Tony Moore interviews Cycle 22 contestants Justin Kim & Mamé Adjei.

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21 thoughts on “America's Next Top Model After Show | Mamé & Justin Kim Interview | AfterBuzz TV

  1. 9/8/2019 I absolutely LOVED these two. I wonder….are they still together today? They would make a GREAT couple. I think Justin is HANDSOME!!!!! Aloha from Hawaii.

  2. Tony is a freakin amazing interviewer ! & I love how he's not evil and tries to pin things I was entertained the whole way through and was laughing real hard !! My boy Justin heeeeeeey ! 😉😉

  3. This was one of the most genuine interviews I have watched. Tony, my brah, you did an awesome job. Mame and Justin are focused, timely, funny, easy to watch and listen!! Completely satisfied.

  4. i Had THE BEST TIME EVER on AFTERBUZZ with you Tony! Definitely the best discussion in interview I've had in awhile! 🙂 thanks for having us

  5. can we have Tony Moore and Daniel Donigan (Milk) ANTM Cycle 23 "Anything Goes Bitches!!!!"
    addendum: Mame, You are not a pageant girl but rather you are a Pageant Winner!!! that is a mowdel, now let that sink in Hadassah

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