America's Next Top Model After Show | Nyle DiMarco Interview | AfterBuzz TV


Tony Moore sits down with Nyle DiMarco!
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  1. I thought people in any kind of broadcasting were more professional than saying, "Um, so…", or, "So, ok…"/"Okay, so…" to begin a sentence. Professionalism in speaking has gone out the window. I feel bad for Nyle, having to sit through this guy's rhetoric.

  2. I actually don't watch ANTM. I'm a fan of "Dancing with the Stars" and I love Nyle so much on that show, I am sitting here on YouTube watching his interviews. Ha ha. Anyway, this was a great interview with great questions. Thanks for posting this!

  3. damn that host is boring, just the way he talks…this cant be an official site that tyra supports, boring guy, he is killing me with his boring tone

  4. So, a nice looking guy, but he shouldn't have won. Mame was so much better, actually the top two should have been Mame and Lacey. He also doesn't seem to be that interested in modeling. I think the show was basically another "acting" role for him. When Tony asked what he got from the show, he said fans, as if that was the learning experience for a new model.

  5. I wanted to learn sign language before this ATM season but seeing Nyle and the perspective he brings about the deaf community, I am more determined to pick sign language up.
    Thank you Nyle. Yes you're very attractive but you bring to the table so much more. If we were to meet in the future, I hope I will be able to communicate with you in your language <3
    Till then, all the best!!

  6. Nyle is such a kind and soft person. He is always down to earth and ready to learn among those models. It's not a common combination of beautiful, smart, not superficial. And I appreciate that he shoulder the responsibility of connecting the deaf community to the whole society. The person like him would get success in the end. Support you Nyle:)


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