America's Next Top Model After Show Season 17 Episode 6 "Coca Rocha" | AfterBuzz TV


AFTERBUZZ TV — America’s Next Top Model edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s America’s Next Top Model. In this episode, host Jackie Miranne (former Project Runway model) breaks down the”Coca Rocha” episode in which the girls are taken to the beach, where they are introduced to a charity initiative – they will be split into two teams of nine, and will participate in a game of flag football. To make up the numbers, recently eliminated contestants Brittany, Sheena, Isis and Camille were invited back to join them. Each team was also joined by two players from the NFL (Julian Edelman, Jahvid Best, Kareem Jackson, and Dante Hughes), with the winning team earning US$5,000 for their football players’ charities. In addition, at undefined points during the match, Nigel will call the girls over for a photo shoot challenge with the football players. Despite falling behind early on, the Blue team, consisting of Allison, Angelea, Bianca, Bre and Laura, won the game 14-7 (and the charity money), but it was Kayla of the Red team who performed the best at the shoot and she won a photo shoot with Andre for Tyra’s website as her prize. Later, the girls were introduced to Coco Rocha, and discovered they would be modelling with her in pairs for their bar fight-themed photo shoot. Angelea disappoints Jay by arriving on set with low energy and after some negative feedback, left the set midway through the shoot, but returned with new life and impressed Jay. Alexandria and Bre entertained everyone with their loud screaming throughout the shoot, but Jay and Coco were concerned that they were more “actors” than “models.” At panel, the pair of Dominique and Lisa received top praise for their shoot and they earned the top two call-outs (this also marks Dominique’s first ever top call-out between her two cycles), while Bianca, Angelea and Allison also impressed the panel. Alexandria and Bre landed in the bottom two for their poor performance at the shoot, and both were told that they were not living up to their standards from their original cycles, but in the end, Alexandria was spared again and Bre left the panel with no hugs. There t


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