'America's Next Top Model All-Stars' Episode 10 Recap


In this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model the All-Stars find out they will be judged by each other during a challenge, where one of the All-Stars is confronted about her insecurities. The women also get some time off to enjoy Greece and its night life. Nigel Barker photographs the models re-creating ancient Olympic sports. Andre Leon Tally and Nigel Barker join J. Alexander and Tyra Banks on the judges’ panel for the elimination.

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  1. My thoughts exactly. Dominique is way better than Angelea. I don’t know what happened this episode. Or maybe they just liked Angelea very much

  2. confidence and it irks her because she knows she can do just as good and has to believe she can do better…and how can anyone love someone in top model? i mean really they don't really each other that well and it's a competition..i agree with dom that's Angie is not rdy yet but i'm not mad at angie getting upset because she is the underdog and i'm gunna cheer her on hope she gains rock hard confidence in herself and can learn to listen more and be able to see it from an objective view

  3. all of you say Angelea doesn't deserve it because you don't understand her or where she comes from or her mantality…she is fighting for something she wants bad…she may not be rdy for it but no one would want to hear those things from other people espeacial if they are your competitors. i also think she dislikes dominque because in her mind she see's her and must think she think's she's better than me…they are both black woman trying to break into a tough business Angelea must see dominques

  4. Was there an episode this week? I'm in the UK & there hasn't been a new episode on the website I watch it from since last week…it's normally uploaded online on a Thursday London time!

  5. Pat, I loved your reaction to Carol saying she wouldn't continue watching ANTM if Angelea wins. "Ah, um… there's only 4 girls so idk." Boyyy, you like some spoilers lol 😛 almost gave yourself away haha.

  6. @saeefa Yes you right they will be Judged like we all are IRL. I know this all I did was Post a comment and only you found it necessary to try and get me to see it your way. It's simply not happening, that's how I seen it. When you are brought up around chaos,believe me when I tell you people become so transparent. Its not paranoia….its REAL. Its hard to be fake,Its just hard to conform to a society that for the most part is fake. Remember saeefa,YOU responded to my post. You're Welcome

  7. @saeefa Well I guess I will watch some deleted parts tonight,sure they edited the heck out of it as usual so it should be interesting. I just watched a few of the old episodes. I really don't see what you see. Like I said in my original statement, We are just more divided then I ever thought. I can however agree to disagree….respectfully. As far as gaining a tough skin and confidence….I wonder how many could walk a block in her life? Most that have….don't even bother to dream anymore!

  8. Pat, I thought Id let you know that I saw Joslyn and Clark from Cycle 11 on separate episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker (Clark on Season 5 and Joslyn Season 3). They were both eligible women to date millinoaires

    Clark is a runway model from Milan now but Ive never liked her

    And Joslyn was not a model but she looked good in the MM

    Just thought it might be interesting to know

  9. @ShamPoo1543 yes i know that, i dont know any of these girls in person but they are gonna be judged by the viewers on how they are potrayed on the show. Everyone gets judged on tv, from films to music, to reality show and most people obviously dont know them but thats how it works and yes i do have a life outside antm, thank u very much XP

  10. @ShamPoo1543 they didnt need to, all of those girls have ther opinions and i think u need to watch it over from episode 1, angalea has backstabbed and slagged off these girls throughout the series and they were being honest, she needs to develop a tough skin and gain some confidence, the judges tell them all the time in the real modelling world they are gonna be harsher, so this was nothing

  11. @ saeefa I believe one looking at the Model and not living vicariously through them will obviously get a different perception of the Models…on that note HAGD and get a Life for yourself outside of ANTM!

  12. @saeefa I think you need to re-watch the episode,I could be wrong but I think she was saying back stabbing due to the fact they didn't confront her with it ex. in the house no one has a problem but now they seem too. She seemed totally shocked to learn how they felt. But she shouldn't have been because for the most part people are back-stabbers. As far as your remaining statements…you are entitled to them. But I must say you seem to be throwing PEOPLE in a BOX which WE all know you can't.

  13. @ShamPoo1543 angelea isnt model material she should change to a reality tv career coz she is only about drama and she can dish critiques but cant take it, that cow cant even take critism and they didnt backstab her they said it to her face, angalea is pretty 1 dimensional and that is hooch and she is arrogant she goes on about how better then she is and an allstar she is, a great and a REAL model wouldnt showof the aura of greatness


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