'America's Next Top Model All-Stars' Episode 8 Recap


In this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model the All-Stars are given the most difficult challenge yet, as they are asked to write and sing a song about their lives, with a surprising twist. A few of the models struggle with the task and reach emotional breaking points. Once the song is complete, rapper Game steps in to direct the women in music videos based on their songs. Andre Leon Tally and Nigel Barker join guest judge rapper Game and Tyra Banks on the judges’ panel for the elimination.

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  1. O gosh, I was thinking the same thing!
    I would also buy Alexandria's too! Haha I think they all had catchy songs, but Alexandria's song was surprisingly addicting.

  2. Alexandria had the best song. Shannon just bored me to death. Thank God she's not on the show anymore.


  3. This show has lost the fun factor for me. I feel like the episodes go really fast and then someones going home. I'm like wait what happened?!?!

  4. Next episode I think the call-out order will be like this

    1. Laura
    2. Angelea
    3. Lisa
    4. Allison
    5. Dominique

    Eliminated: Shannon

    We'll see if Im right

  5. first of all, i gotta say, i laughed so hard when angela said "no no no" to alex's "go go go". that was easily the best moment of the entire cycle !!:)

    oh pat, did you almost say the f world at 5:24? XD hahaha

    oh yeah, ANTM shd have invited and featured you both on the show !!!!

  6. Pat, please read this haha

    1. I forgot where but I read somewhere that Lisa said she is not going to win.
    2. Since Shannon refused to wear underwear next week, I think that;s a kind of Tyra tricks lol
    3. If Laura was eliminated, do you think she and her baby pool are gonna fade out together???

    And Carol I miss ya 🙂

  7. Pat: I'd buy them
    Caroline: Really?
    Pat: Well I download them free from the internet.
    HAHAHAH I burst out laughing~

  8. Allison to win by a mile

    Lisa as second as she is a bit old for this industry

    I do agree with Carolyn. This season has not been so great. Its all gimmicks but Im never going to stop watching it

    Please get Carolyn to do recaps for the rest of this season till the finale. You two are so funny together and i laughed hard at this video, the most out of all your videos for this season

    Maybe Greece might bring better episodes

    Oh and the Australian version of ANTM is less about gimmicks

  9. I have 3 parts to go because I have so much to say for this episode

    'POT LEDOM' is the most retarded thing Ive ever heard. Stop with the stupid gimmicks.

    Tyra being in the music videos has ruined any legitimacy of these videos as successful viral videos. I mean this cycle is supposed to be about the winner building their own empire, not having tyra do it for them. I agree with you pat. Tyra being in Allisons vid made absolutely no sense. Tyra dancing made no relevance to the lyrics

  10. Lisa annoys me- She should've been out long time ago look at her face top model? Also Shannon? Fake!!! not a hater…

  11. I think Angelea has a good chance to make it to final but I agree that Allison looks like she's positioned to win.
    I noticed your sweater too, liked it. Was trying to imagine it with the hood up…

  12. i totally agree with all you said. Allison should win and Lisa is too much and i don't like it, if she controlled a little bit, i think it would be great

  13. I chuckled so hard when you talked about Alexandria's elimination! The first thing I said was "Now that motorcycle picture can just GO!" Too great, you guys are amazazing!

  14. Yey! Carolyn, your back! This episode was so weird. I sort of feel like the idea of this cycle now really stinks. I am also thinking a final two of Allison and Lisa. But Shannon is staying on. Next week with the first shoot in Greece, it's not looking like she will be doing the shoot because it's modeling underwear. We'll see what really happens on the show next week. Anything's possible!

  15. Pat, I noticed that you switched from sugar in the raw to white granulated sugar in your kitchen! I think the sugar in the raw gives a more diverse color palette to your kitchen jars, but I understand.. sometimes you just gotta go for the white granulated sugar.

  16. "Pot Ledom" it's Top Model Backwards…
    Tyra shouldn't be allowed to contribute to music writing…She ruined all of their videos which weren't awesome to start with

  17. I loved allison's song. It was so relatable. I was suprised that so many of them could actualy sing. But they must have used autotune on some of them because Shannon and Laura for example were as tone deaf as I am. No offence at least they tried that shows spirit.


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