America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 [ ANTM ] Makeovers – Which is your favorite makeover?



America’s Next Top Model Cycle 12 [ANTM] MAKEOVERS – Which is your favorite?

Do You Light The Way I Look?

Aired: March 11, 2009[1]

* Bottom Two: Fo Porter and Jessica Santiago
* Eliminated: Jessica Santiago
* Featured Photographer: Nigel Barker
* Special Guests: Nolé Marin, Elyssa Traub, Sutan

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  1. @R0llerC0aster09
    I TOTALLY AGREE A t first, I was able to keep up,( then they started showing girls/ladies I forgot their names)
    but thanks for the video anyway

  2. @realsun25
    I Like Allison, Fe Fie Fo Fum (lol) & Celia the best! (if I had to pick ONE,I'd pick Allison) it's, because I wanted
    MORE than ONE to win.

  3. i think fo and allison's makeovers were awesome! i liked celia's, too – she looks great with short hair. i met celia in nyc and she was so sweet and gracious, she completely made my day. plus, she looked even more gorgeous in person. i love her cheekbones.

  4. there were a few that looked good with the makeover, but i mean there were a lot that looked like crap after. :S

  5. mine is:

    1 london
    2 kortnie
    3 allison
    4 natalie (looked amazing anyway)
    5 tahlia
    6 jessica
    7 celia
    8 aminat
    9 fo
    10 teyona
    11 nijah
    12 sandra


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