America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 Final 3 Portfolio Battle

Giải Trí

my opinion on who shud win
my judging on their pics weekly
say what you want
cause i dont care,
i dont actually take side with the girl i wanna win
i didnt say that none of these girls wont win
it’ll all come down to judging

my judging
1 – casting pic
allison – fantastic eyes and cute face
aminat – not too much impression
teyona – looks hf, looks great

2 – childhood games
allison – nailed it
aminat – no idea on the face, and she looks like she’s gang raped
teyona – hides the face too much but still dynamic

3 makeovers
allison – another mermaid pic! great!
aminat -sheepish look, not a fan but looks gorgeous
teyona – looks unsure, but also gorgeous

4 lights
allison – fierce as hell
aminat – stood too far, didnt steal the shot
teyona – it’s just OK but not the best of the week as panel said so

5 sightseeing
allison – london took it away from her, she looks awkward but hF
aminat – commanded the shot, looks so great and editorial
teyona – bad bad bad. she squited her eyes too much that she looks sad when shud be happy

6 bnw
allison – goth powerrrr! creepy as her name creepy chan.
aminat – looks old and witchy here lol
teyona – story telling face. awesome

7 beauty shots
allison – its not bad butcompared to the others it’s not the best
aminat – smiling with her eyes!
teyona – gorgeous again

8 commercial
allison – gorgeous as she looks her words didnt stood out
aminat – mediocre but not bad
teyona – full of vibrance

9 wired up
allison – fierce girl!
aminat – gorrila girl!
teyona – boringgg, not even 1st call worthy

10 fruits on head
allison – so commericial1
teyona – ewww,
aminat – triple ewww, looks drag

11 swimsuits
allison – another mermaid shot beautiful!
aminat – hot
teyona – hottest of them all

12 birds
allison – so awesome nothing flawless
aminat – dead bird
teyona – scary bird not good


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48 thoughts on “America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 Final 3 Portfolio Battle

  1. why are yall STILL mad about allison losing 😭 teyona ate her up in runway and pictures… aminat even did better than allison. yall eat up any blue eyed white girl that serves mediocrity.. you bitches arent living right

  2. Its a shame they waited till finale to pull Allison's hair away from her face..high pony tail. She looked awesome always but all of her face was on full display and she hide behind her hair

  3. Allison should have won she might have some commercial to do but she has Awsome photos and a good runway walk

  4. my orders—-
    allison all the way
    allison (robbed as usual of a 1st call out)
    teyona YAAAAS
    allison (fave photo ever YAAAAAAAAAAAAS)
    WINNER – Allison

  5. So Allison had and has more bookings, editorials and contracts than any other past antm winner. Allison even had cameos in a few indie films and has hosted fashion reality TV shows in Asia lol clearly the most successful contestant from the show ever! Realistically, more people love her and choose her over any other antm model. Now, where is Teyona (bitchy crybaby) or most of the previous antm winners? Nobody really cares!! lol Plus, when Tyra dissed Allison for a second time antm started to go down… til the point of cancelling production lol Now Tyra has no tv show and also few people care about her lol so children today's lesson is: "karma is a bitch" 🙂

  6. First Impressions: Allison-3, Aminat-2, Teyona-1
    Childhood games: Allison-3, Teyona-2, Aminat-1
    Makeovers: Allison-3, Teyona-2, Aminat-1
    Lighting yourself: Allison-3, Teyona-2, Aminat-1
    Sightseeing: Aminat-3, Allison-2, Teyona-1
    Immigrants: Teyona-3, Animat-2, Allison-1
    Colors: Teyona-3, Animat-2, Allison-1
    Wires: Allison-3, Teyona-2, Aminat-1
    Brazil: Allison-3, Teyona-2, Aminat-1
    Swimsuits: Teyona-3, Allison-2, Aminat-1
    Birds: Allison-3, Teyona-2, Aminat-1
    In the end: Allison with 27, Teyona with 23, and Aminat with 16

  7. I love Allison's face and photo!
    And her personality is perfect!
    yea! Allison should have been the winner cycle12!

  8. In MY opinion:
    Childhood games: Teyona-3, Allison-2, Aminat-1
    Lighting yourself: Teyona-3, Allison-2, Aminat-1
    Sightseeing: Aminat-3, Allison-2, Teyona-1
    Immigrants: Teyona-3, Allison-2, Aminat-1
    Colors: Teyona-3, Allison-2, Aminat-1
    Wires: Allison-3, Teyona-2, Aminat-1
    Brazil: Allison-3, Teyona-2, Aminat-1
    Swimsuits: Teyona-3, Allison-2, Aminat-1
    Birds: Allison-3, Teyona-2, Aminat-1
    Final Covergirl: Teyona-3, Allison-2, Aminat-1

    FINALS: Teyona-25…..Allison-23…..Aminat-12

  9. It's ok that allison didn't win this cycle, at least we see her at the all stars, but damn she should have won in cycle 17..

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