Americas Next Top Model Cycle 12 Makeovers HD


Watch In HD! Please comment on which makeovers you liked or not! What you would do with your own opinions of the makeovers! Who you like and other gossip! Hope you like the video! The song is by Kylie Minogue called “Come Into My World” the Fischerspooner Remix in her new boombox CD! It’s in stores now everywhere! It has all the remixes of her songs! Simply amazing! I found it ONLY on limewire as I know of! These makeovers took place in Episode 3! Hope you like them! I am rooting for Celia and London and Allison and Teyona! I like Natalie and Nijah but I am still leaning towards them! I love this cycle! Subscribe!



  1. That doesn't really mean that could happen. The "spoilers" from last year were all wrong, everyone said that Sheena was officially the winner, and then when she left, a lot have said Analeigh.

    I don't trust any spoilers because the majority of them are incorrect, but I do hope that either Teyona or Allison wins if they are the final four.

  2. i dont read them ither but before the show i saw some photos that cud have ben antm and it was the finnle 4 but yyou dident really see there faces but you did see allisons


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