America's Next Top Model Cycle 13: Episode 3 High Quality (HQ) Photo's and Elimination *SPOILERS*

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**GIF used in this video is credited to the amazing talent that is ‘supmod’ at RTVG**

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13

Hosted: Tyra Banks

Judges: Nigel Barker, Jay Alexander “Ms. Jay”, Lauren Conrad

Jay “Mr. Jay” Manuel

Episode 3: Fortress of Fierceness
First aired September 16, 2009
The girls go to Wilhelmina Models and are introduced to its director Sean Patterson by Nigel Barker. Each girl then meets them alone and Lulu loses points with Nigel by mentioning she doesn’t pay attention to the photographers in editorials while Courtney once again makes a good impression by walking despite her pain. Rachel however goes blank when asked about her musical background. After all the meetings, Sean Patterson tells the girls that one of them is leaving and a shocked Rachel is sent home for her lack of charisma.
The girls then meet a rude photographer asking for the perfect shot in one take, which the girls struggle with until Tyra arrives in Supersmize guise and “defeats” him. She then coaches the girls on their “smize” (smile with their eyes), which gets Jennifer worried because of her ptosis and directs a challenge where the girls are in full body suits, paired up and put against each other to see who has the best smize. The winners (Bianca, Brittany, Courtney, Kara, Laura, & Lulu) go to a dinner with Sean Patterson, while the losers wash the dishes. Next the girls are posing half-nude with a jockey and a horse.

14. Lisa Ramos

Still in the Running:
Jennifer An, Lulu Braithwaite, Courtney Davies, Rachel Echelberger, Nicole Fox, Ashley Howard, Laura Kirkpatrick, Sundai Love, Brittany Markert, Bianca Richardson, Kara Vincent, Erin Wagner, Rae Weisz


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  2. jennifer looks really ugly when she takes photos. she's cute in real life but when she tries to 'smile with her eyes' she just makes herself look tired. and she shouldn't keep her mouth open.

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