America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 – Episode 7 preview Clip 1


America’s Next Top Model Cycle 14

Episode 7 “Big Hair Day”

Guest judge Whitney Port visits the girls as they prepare for the runway challenge; the girls pose with big hair for a photo shoot. At panel the girls are told that 6 of them would travel to New Zealand



  1. okay, how about doing this (Just going by numbers, I don't feel like looking up all the hosts names)Host 1: Right, we are done here, anyone wanna watch a movie?Host 2: Eh, I could watch somethingHost 3: What do you have in mind?Host 1: I was thinking something like Lord of the Rings.Host 3: Oh, that movie is beautiful, always wanted to go to the filming location.Host 2: How about this week WITH ALL OF THE CONTESTANTS!(Banner with New Zealand drops down)See, less stupid, more interesting, and it ends in less than 15 seconds. TV land, call me!

  2. It would have been funny if they had Zyzz come out to say the "I can help you catch some Z's" line then fuck Tyra in the butt

  3. this would have been bad if they had the intelligence to use the word "zeal" rather than "Z", which is pronounced "Zed" rather than "Zee" in numerous countries  


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