'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 15 Episode 8 Recap


See more photos from this week’s episode of ANTM here:

In this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model designer Zac Posen surprises the girls at their beach house to inform them they will be wearing his fall 2010 collection during this week’s runway challenge. The girls put their personality to the test when they shoot their very first commercial while wearing roller skates on the beach. Posen is also this week’s guest judge.

What do you think about this week’s elimination? Did the right girl go home? Leave a comment!


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  1. Hey, This is my first time seeing your video. Great cover of the episode. You're amusing and very funny. Also cute (gay here). I hope you land some kind of Talk show or TV persona guest star, you handle yourself pretty well. Congrats!

  2. I kept wanting Esther to blow her nose, too! Actually, I was wondering if she was sick throughout filming. 🙁 Anywho, sorry she's gone cuz she was beautiful, but I like pretty much everyone left in the competition!

  3. I dont know if its the edit Ann is getting or what but she's really annoying to watch. It's just all this crying about being tall and awkward and how she psyched herself out. I just want to shake her and be like "Look, You got this! KNOW you're the shit. Hellooo first call out a million times!"

  4. looking at the pictures from next week – Ann still rocks the photo shoot

    Chris and Jane looked weak. Suppose its Janes time to go home next episode …

  5. i think its obvious that the last four girls will be chris, ann, chelsey, kayla. and with these four it will get tricky. i hope that chelsey or kayla does win. i think ann, is just not a model. she needs to know how to speak and not to fail at every commercial, to win this thing. i think it would be nice to have first lesbian winner. 😉

  6. I think next one to go will be Liz or Chelsey. I loved Chris in this episode , cuz she has that "I dont give a s**t" attitude lol. I love Kayla I hope she wins! 😀

  7. LIZ! Be gone! Annoying and full of excuses. Perfect recipe for gettin' cut! Her one best picture was for a stupid, unfair photoshoot anyway.

    I like Ann and Kayla. Kayla is gay, but she's not like, trying to stir things up or freak people out. She just wants to represent. And if anyone's getting freaked out it's her…for kissing boys.

    I was also surprised this week that there were so few girls. When they were judging I felt like there should be more. But no. And then there were 7! Bwahaha!

  8. Hilarious! "Miss Jay, that sneaky devil…Rude! Right? Rude." "Ann basically had diarrhea." "Blow your nose Esther!" I agree with your commercial opinion, Pat. In the judges' words If you're gonna BE Vogue, own it! And SERIOUSLY, you never see the commercials they make on the show on TV after except on ANTM MAYBE. Screw versatility. It's about high-ass fashion. AND CoverGirl would rather have Drew Barrymore sell Lash Blast Mascara than unknown models, no offense girls. You're not unknown to me!

  9. Kris is so funny and IMO one of the most watchable, and surprisingly versatile… still gutted Kendal is gone 🙁 Esther was a goner, sadly, and obvious she got the major loser edit.

  10. @sweetkitten111 i think companies would pay big bucks to have their products on the show….they'd made soooo much money

  11. Anyone else think Ann looks really ANOREXIC.. much more than annamaria.
    she scared me.. btw, liz should go next week

  12. OMG the cuts are so predictable, cuz they always show the person who gets cut at the beginning of the show! First up was Esther and I thought, okay Esthers gone this episode. Like Kendall last episode ….

  13. @blacwithwhitestripes i agree india would've been a great choice, but this their gunna have their spread in italian vogue, then it makes sense to go to italy!

  14. i felt sorry for ann, but her commercial was one of the worst…sorry. :S
    i knew esther was gunna go home!
    liz has got to goooooooo. she does not look like a high fashion model, obviously she's there for the drama aspect.

    i think i know that the top 4 will be ann, kayla, chris, and jane…or chealsey. if liz makes it past top 6 ima screeeam!!!!

  15. I can't relate to Kayla's abuse situation, but I did think she overreacted when she had a panic attack just because a guy was gonna kiss her neck. Would she have reacted the same if a girl were to kiss her?
    I think Chris is more of an actress than a model. I agree with everyone that Liz is a hot mess. =P
    I sucks when the best models are less coordinated or can't do commercials. Poor Ann, it was like watching a baby giraffe on roller skates.
    I think they should go to Paris again next cycle. ;D

  16. im a mexican guy who is also an antm fan… i really like your comments… and i must confess i have a huge crush on you hahaha… btw i hate liz ¬¬

  17. Amazing Vlog as always, but, where's Carolyn? and completly off topic but did anyone else notice Mark from SYTYCD dancing on the Glee episode Britney/Brittany and on DWTS as a baking dancer for Kylie?

  18. hmm i dont know… is chris rocking your world… i just feel like she has kendals spot… when they go overseas i know kendal wouldve excelled

  19. Jane was the best I thought.
    Chris's made me cringe.
    I think Liz has to go too,
    There is always one manish woman left late in the game, and they have mostly sucked so far- which is too bad because manish women can be beautiful.

  20. this is the 3rd time they've taken the girls to italy. they're running out of ideas. though i personally think they should take them to India, there's some really great fashion there.


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