'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 15 Episode 9 Recap


See the girls’ best shots from this week’s shoot here:

In this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model Tyra informs the final six girls they will be moving to Italy. Upon arrival in Venice, the girls pose in their first group photo shoot on a gondola before heading to Milan where they visit their first Italian Fashion House, Missoni. Fashion designer and model Margherita Missoni is this week’s panel guest judge.


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  1. liz didn't know where milan was and, also, Mulan is chinese not japanese. terrible. so glad she's gone. i'm still catching up on episodes – i'd been rooting for kayla, but stupid cw website shows the final two in the thumbnail of the last episode…

  2. It's great that americans now can apreciate european magazines. Italian (and French) Vogue have great editorial by great photographers and models. I collect fashion magazines and I think that American Vogue it's a little bit comercial when you compare it to european magazines, but still great thought.
    I never saw your recaps but now I'm a fan. I think I'll do the same 🙂

    Renato Santos, from Portugal

  3. i'm glad I'm not the only person who didn't like the Missoni clothes!!! also glad that kayla got best photo….that was long overdue

  4. I wonder why Tyra didn't mention how Chelsey doesn't have the personality whatsoever. It's not that I hate her, but at least Ann's awkwardness is something. Chelsey is like, I don't see her as Bimbo, bitch, geek or even anything. She's so plain. Kayla definitely owns that attitude. I like her positivity and her hard effort. Chris, I like her but she should have gone in the previous cycle where she suits them better. Jane got the face, but she needs to step up even more 🙂

  5. @eddiegamez1 yeah i have the same opinion too, if chris went for the previous cycle she might have a better chance.but this is italian vogue, honestly i think only jane,kayla and ann can suit with italian vogue

  6. I actually liked this episode. I liked that it was very fashion oriented. SO glad there wasn't a challenge. the boat with chris liz and kayla should have been rihanna, kendal, and esther! I do think Kayla will win though. It was the perfect B2 this episode

  7. Liz was one of my favourite looks, but I think it was fair for her to go at this point. I'd be quite happy for Ann to go next. I'm really bored of her. Sorry. Same face every week. I didn't think this week's episode was the worst, but hopefully they'll take more advantage of Italy soon. 😀

  8. actually, there was a challenge according to Lexie's video but the CW cut it. Chris and Liz won and the reward was to look through their film halfway in their photo shoot.

  9. Love you guys! Always watch your Recaps after watching the episode online. Totally agree with you about Jane, shes got an amazing face. But I also love Ann, so I really hope she can come out of herself more and get more confidence. I also like Kayla and Chelsey, its so hard for me to decide who I want to win this cycle! I think this cycle is really good.

  10. yeah, for the liz thing. I missed the first half of the casting episode, so i only had their physical looks to go by, and Liz was one of the only ones i was excited about. She dissapointed me, and each week I reeally wanted to like her. but recently i've givein up, and i'm so glad she's gone. For jane it's the opposite. Ever since the wrestling photoshoot I always thought she would go home. but she's actually very good, and i have noooo clue why i never noticed it before. Kayla is my favorite.

  11. omg pat, yes! i liked how the trip announcement wasnt during panel. there are less gimmicks this season. its really nice! theyre less sadistic!

    slutty mc lizerson, LOLOLOLOLOL im changing my name to that.

    look at first photoshoot, anne kayla and chelsey had the best photos, and jane has imporved steadily….. i think whoever makes top 3 deserves it.

  12. I really didn't care for Jane @ 1st, but she's really growing on me. And I figure out why Chelsey still doesn't stand out to me, it's like she's been in the middle of the pack the whole competition…

  13. @12xantmx17 totally agree on yr pts abt every1 else. its said tho w Liz, cuz I really liked her, her look, her single mom story (I'm one…) but I began to like her less & less w each episode cuz of her childish attitude… other designers may be reluctant to work w her cuz of how she acts on set, so sad… such a beautiful face


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