America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Episode 3 Recap


In this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model the contestants head to the Cristophe Salon in Beverly Hills where they will bleached, chopped and dyed for their makeover challenge. Then, the competition heats up when the clothes come off for a nude photo session that is artfully shot by celebrity photographer Tony Duran. When one of the girls refuses to pose sans clothes alongside sexy supermodel Rob Evans, she’s faced with making a decision that could forever alter her modeling career.

See the girls’ best shots here:

Did the right girl go home? What do you think of the new rules/twist? Leave some comments!



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  1. victoria is crazy but she is so model, so funny and so smart! what's that suppose to accomplish? lol. go queen victoria!

  2. i super agree with you on britanny's makeover. it doesn't suit her at all! her face shape doesn't complement the short cut because she kind of have a pointed chin and broad forehead. her long hair is better. they could have cut it a little shorter but not in line with her face. below the shoulders then color her hair a little brighter like brownish/orange

  3. I wanna see you ice blonde! or maybe your natural as Jade from cycle 6 would say "brunetteness" with honey highlights!

  4. I don't really like the opening it's too simple, they don't even show the girls names! I wanted something edgier (cycle 10 opening was the best in my opinion)

  5. Your reaction to Brittany's hair was the exact same one as mine. I was actually having a 90's flashback, it was terrifying.

  6. maria reminds me of gina from cycle 5, she has no coincidence but im glad she stood up to tyra in episode 2 where she said that cant be my best photo, coz alot of the time they pick bad photos on purpose

  7. I also love Victoria! Crazy and weird is working for her, big time. Love Leila and Alyssa and Laura. So far the cycle is more interesting than I thought it would be. TYRA SORT OUT DESTINY'S HAIR!

  8. Victoria on the phone is hilarious!!! "You really think I should go on mom? Do you give me permission to continue?" And her bitch fight commentary was hilarious as well.

    Talk about the opening!!!

    Leila or Nastasia FTW!!!

  9. Okay you're so funny and entertaining… Totally subscribing. We'd be great friends if we knew each other. I imagine making fun of/commenting while watching shows and movies with you. would be hillarious.

    Fucking love Victoria, hope she wins! She reminds me of "bloody eyeball" Nicole a bit, which I was obsessed with.

  10. You said "shit" and I gasped! You never curse! Did you love how Kristen described her bangs as "edgy" or that Darian's "bob" was actually actually past shoulder length hair?

  11. on every video of you i try to make an interesting comment so that you respond to it.. lol oh well, i like your new hair cut 😛

  12. I vote that from now on, everytime the girls fight, we get a recap of it from Victoria.
    "You're a bitch, no, I'm a bitch, no, I'm a REAL bitch" – she's hilarious!

  13. I thought that Britanny girl looked like the Wendy's girl before, but now, her hair is JUST LIKE THE WENDYS GIRL. lol

  14. I didn't like Brittany's makeover either but she looked great in the photo so maybe she just needs to style it right.

  15. Wow, judging by these comments guess I'm the only one who likes Kristin's bangs and also hate her. I'm surprised how much people like her and don't understand why she has the highest fan vote. I'm not surprised that the judges vote her so low, they don't like girls who are hard to work with and have attitudes on set. Otherwise, I thought this recap was bang on.

  16. love leila!!!!!!! kristin got great pictures….don't understand why judges are not loving her.
    she is so pretty and i think she looks very victoria secret

  17. yeah tell ya what, stick a BIG TREE in my face and see how well I pose. not her fault, though she's not all that great anyways.


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