America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Final 3 Portfolio Battle [Kiara, Laura & Leila]


[in the middle of editing i saw that ANTMSpanish2 did one of these and he’s amazing so go watch his too: (:]

omfg the finale got here so quick. honestly i didnt think kiara deserved to go far in the beginning but she improved fast. laura was a bitch to leila and as great as she is as a model, i don’t see her doing well in the real industry, considering how athletic her body is combined with her SUNBLEACHED skin. leila is one i could see doing extremly well on a worldwide market, like calvin klein status like rob said.

i hope:
1. Leila
2. Kiara
3. Laura

i think:
1. Kiara
2. Laura
3. Leila

[also btw i think it’s laura that falls at the runway because if it’s leila im gonna be *LIVID*


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  1. Mesura Laura es lamas bonita una pregunta Toquero ver modelo pero el conquista coronavirus😰😰😭😭🙀🤮🤢🤧🏠

  2. Haha Laura what a whining little kid, she needs to grow up and accept she's an attractive person on the outside but seriously ugly on the inside. Horrid personality and attitude, be surprised if she has any friends at all. If she does I bet her knives are always kept sharp.

  3. I just watched this cycle for the first time. I cannot believe how petty, bitter, and mean spirited these young women are. If they're this way at such a young age… I can't even imagine what they're going to be like once they encounter the real disappointments life will inevitably hand them especially Kristen. What an unlikable, bitter, backstabbing person. I hope watching herself on video enlightens her. If not she is going to have a very sad & unfulfilled life.

  4. Kiara should've won because she is the strongest model. Laura had a few good photos in the beginning but she sucked at the end and Kiara was like, woosh and then the girl is HIGH FASHION FABULOUS! Leila is really good but it was not her time. Laura just got lucky and lets face it, she is not ready for it. the photos just won the judges over, in my opinion. THEY ALWAYS CHOOSE THE BLOND WHITE GIRL OVER A "COLORED CHICK"

  5. I actually thought Kiara should have won, because she's been through a lot of stuff and her personality was great, she had great shots too.

  6. this was the first cycle to do comebacks where the eliminated models do all the shoots and whoever got the highest fan vote came back and in this case leila got the highest ## of votes

  7. Laura really did great durin the competition. Kiara was a bitch all the time and always telling a fucking sad story about her life.


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