America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Guys & Girls : Episode 7 Photos [Full]


America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 Guys & Girls : Episode 7 Photos [Full]

This week our models were given a challenge to shoot a commercial as the opposite gender. Be sure to check out the clip from their commercial as well as their still photos!

Check out a clip from a role reversal commercial that Jourdan did. Then vote at dress up in your own role reversal & leave us a comment! 2pm-midnight EST Sunday March 3. If we like your comment best, it could make it on the air and even get chosen as our favorite and WIN a piece of Guess merchandise or a prop from the show!

America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 20 (also known as America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls) will be the twentieth season of America’s Next Top Model and the fourteenth season to air on The CW. America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 20 will feature new hopefuls, and for the first time, males will also be able to participate in the competition. The season will premiere in Summer 2013. Judges Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone, Bryanboy, and Rob Evans are all expected to return as judges for panel. Public voting will still be a factor in eliminations.

The contestants are:
ALEX, 21
5’9 ¼” from Palm City, FL.

5’7 ½” from Chicago, IL.

5’10” from Bear, Delaware.

6’1 ½” from North Bergen, NJ.

CORY, 22
6’2 ½” from Philadelphia, PA.

DON, 25
6’0″ from Minneapolis, MN.

6’3″ from Mission Viejo, CA.

6’0″ from Bend, Oregon.

6’1″ from the Bronx, NY.

MIKE, 27
6’5″ from Los Angeles, CA.

NINA, 18
5’8 ½” from New York, NY.

PHIL, 24
6’3 ½” from Lanesboro, MA.

5’8″ from Fort Lauderdale, FL.


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  1. what's with that stomach MIKE 😀 lol
    marvin's face is I dont know what to say
    hes like smiling a bit and the only one who looked like chinese
    in this photoshoot very WEIRD…… guys its just what I observed 😀
    maybe marvin will be sent home theoratically hahah lol

  2. I like Nina and Marvin way more than I expected to when I first saw pictures of them. I still really like Jourdan and Don. They are really good.

  3. did u see the picture of the Bottom2? Its obvious, cause the Cw release a photo and we all can see the Bottom2 in the painting photoshoot. And then Tyra in the video says that with last elimination, we will get mad, and Jiana is a fan favourite :/ Thats all

  4. it's just a shit when told that Jiana get eliminated in this episode, how do you know they got eliminated? … seriously , the show is not started yet.


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