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AFTERBUZZ TV – America’s Next Top Model edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CW’s America’s Next Top Model. In this episode hosts Emma K, Francisco Thurston, and Thaddeus Massey discuss episode 5. America’s Next Top Model (abbreviated ANTM and Top Model) is an American reality television series and interactive competition that premiered on May 20, 2003. It originally aired on UPN, whose merger with The WB created The CW in 2006. The program has aired twenty cycles, and sees several women compete for the title of “America’s Next Top Model”, providing them with an opportunity to begin their career in the modeling industry. Its premise was originated with supermodel and television personality Tyra Banks, who additionally serves as its executive producer and presenter.

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  1. YouTubers and Afterbuzz host of ANTM
    Did anyone notice the little black eye mark on Adam's face from Romeo'd head butt
    I thought the make-up crew cover it up during the panel but didn't happen

    Oh i predicted that either Kari Adam or a strong contender is out next most likely a weaker contender like Kari or Adam

  2. Regards to Marijana nailing the commercial shoot playing the black widow… Like hello…?!! The way she's horned over the dudes ~ Keith, Matt & Denzel, it's so obvious she'd be natural. 😛 Like what Adam said, Romeo is his own worst enemy, coz he has the looks, the edginess which makes a niche but he blew it with his own insecurities. Not sure about all that practicing the Wicca Craft brings out the demons in him, but 1 thing I can't stand is negativity & hatefulness! I'm glad the production company enforced the zero tolerance of physical assault. Otherwise we could've witness a bitch slap fest over the last few seasons. LOL!

  3. they have in the house  for some X days but duh libido can be controlled through masturbation and they wont show it on air. duh remember cycle 7 in span ? anyone ?

  4. See I do not like Lenox argument that she is a virgin so she can't portray sex, but Raelia did really well and she is a Virgin too! Virginity does not deter anyone from being sexy its all in someone's mindset. Lenox is just insecure. I just hated that the host took up for her on that argument when its not even a good excuse as proof shown by Raelia.

  5. Raelia and Will OWNED this week. Marijana is overrated _. So GLAD Romeo is gone, plz don't bring him to the show.

  6. I wonder if Ivy and Chantelle also had to do a sexy commercial. Too bad there isn't an online "comeback series" where they show the eliminated contestants doing the photo shoots like they had done with the last two cycles.

    lol at Kelly cursing after Tyra gave a 1 to Lenox. She's like, whoa, even I'm not that brutal. I'm sure Tyra knew that she would intentionally make Lenox believe she was almost eliminated to give her a wakeup call. You def don't want to piss Tyra off, such as Azmarie when she didn't want to put on the tooching butt pad.

    If I were to rank the models based on future photoshoots, I'd say:
    11. Adam
    10. Shei
    9. Raelia
    8. Denzel
    7. Ben
    6. Kari
    5. Will
    4. Matthew
    3. Mirjana
    2. Keith
    1. Lenox

  7. Tyler Perry has this new show If Loving You is Wrong, i was just watching it and I saw Denzel on there, just a little tidbit.

  8. I think all of the guys especially Adam cause Romeo was only casted to start shit on the show. Look at Chris H who was casted last cycle, he was casted to start shit but he finished 3rd last cycle. I think Adam knew that he couldnt beat Romeo and was trying to sent Adam home. You can only take so much before you start. What did Tyra and the judges expect when you put alcohol with 14 people? Did they want sunshine and roses? Also, did they want Sex? It seems like if Tyra wasnt start crap or trying to get sex going then its a crime. Also, it seem like Tyra was pissed that Romeo was DQ cause she wanted to send Lennox home. If Tyra had her way I dont think Romeo would have be casted. You can tell the producers wanted Romeo on the show to start shit. I think Tyra punishing Lennox with 5 frames then another sexy photoshoot was her way to start shit. You know there are times that Kelly can be a honest bitch when she judges put if Kelly saids oh shit at the same time I said Oh Shit! You know something is up and Tyra is such a bitch. If she has her way, you know Keith will be in the finals, she wants to have sex with him.

  9. The ONLY two males models with even the slightest POTENTIAL to win this competition in the house are Keith and Ben.

    They are "too green" to be outright print models at this stage of the competition, but if they could walk, you literally could throw them on any runway for fashion week and they'd fit right in. 

    Ben and Keith are head and shoulders above the rest. 

  10. Wow, umm, Keith and Denzel definitely don't look anything alike. They have way different face shapes, skin tones and styles…

  11. I think that Romeo picked on Adam so much because he REALLY liked him…a LOT. He is bisexual, and I think that when he drank, he had such an attraction to Adam that it came out as aggression. There was a 0% chance that Adam would reciprocate those feelings, Romeo became so frustrated that he had to lash out at him with aggression. 
    It's sad really.

  12. I felt so bad for Lenox. Tyra really ripped into her soul with that 1. I hope she does well next photoshoot. She needs to go back and remember how Teyona killed it that one photoshoot her season when she had 25 less frames than the other girls in Brazil

  13. Romeo attacking Adam was sad to watch.  I actually thought Romeo was one of the better models this season and could've went far but he had to go.  Physical altercations should not be tolerated at all on reality-competition shows like these.  It really hurts because I can't stand Adam.  He's just another immature frat boy and as far as modeling is concerned, definitely the weakest link.  I hope he gets eliminated soon but with all that said, he didn't deserved being physically attacked like that.  ANTP did the right thing. 

  14. @Francisco Thurston great job hosting man with your crew
    I have some spilling T regarding a pass contestant
    Former cycle 13 and All Stars 17 Angela Preston is suing America Next Model $3 million dollars for damage her credibility and stripping her win on All Stars
    If ya remember that she was disqualified from the show and they retape the finals
    The reason why cause they found that she was an escort but irony of the story is that they knew way before the season started and allow her to compete so next week i wannna hear ya input on this subject as ya Afterbuzz Tv News updates

  15. Lets be real if Realia didn't have a low challenge score she would have best photo cause that girl was working it Oooooooo Jesus Bless her
    Who knew that her makeover would turn her from bottom of the pack to know probably one of the favorites to win
    Ewwwwwwoooo go head Realia i see u
    Also like Shie Will and Matthew
    Final 4 will be them with Ben MJ and Keith fighting to get the top 4 but then again if Chantelle comes back ill rechange my Final 4 prediction

  16. MY BOO WILL got best photo!!! WOOHOO!!! I hope he'll get very far + he's next week's guest!!! I wish I could see the episode first and then call in!! But unfortunately for me living so far away, I can't. Another AWESOME aftershow!!! Once Upon A Time, I was at this hockey club party when I used to play hockey, and I was dancing, enjoying myself and then this complete unknown person walks up to me and headbutts me! When that happened on the show, it wasn't like "oh my god I am reliving that moment in my life again' but I did think back to that moment for a few seconds. I'm 30 now and I think I was like 15/16 maybe even younger at that time. 


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