Americas Next Top Model Cycle 8 Portfolio


1) Controversial Political Issues Kathleen Eliminated
2) High School Cliche Samantha Eliminated
3) Nude Candy Coated Cassandra Eliminated
4) Crime Scene Victims Felicia Eliminated
5) Gender Swap Diana Eliminated
6) Four Personalities Sarah Eliminated
7) Memorable Moments from Past Cycles Payless Shoes Ad Whitney Eliminated
8) Commercial Jael Eliminated
9) Swimsuit Spread for womens and mens magazines Brittany Eliminated
10) Aborignal Dance Dionne Eliminated
11) CoverGirl Shoot Renne Eliminated
Runer Up: Natasha
Winner: Jaslene



  1. Felicia get eliminated with just one bad photo still confused me that she didnt get 2nd chance like some girls..Felicia been top 3 photo for all three weeks before week she was eliminated

  2. I rooted for Natasha and Renee. But now looking back on it, its obvious why Jaslene won. She was the overall best 😉

  3. poor cassandra got eliminated,she had to pose with ice cream which gave her a bad frostbite on her hand and had to go to the hospital


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