America’s Next Top Model Exit Interview: Cherish Waters' Episode 3 Elimination | VH1


Judge Law Roach talks to the eliminated contestant, Cherish Waters, about her early exit from the competition and what’s next for her.


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America’s Next Top Model Exit Interview: Episode 3 Elimination | VH1


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  1. I loved her look on happy she is in the ED Sheeren video 'Blow' ….she rocked that video and so did the other women in it.

  2. I think she wins for the most narcissistic person to ever be on America's Next Top Model !
    I pretty sure doing THE DUCK LIPS went out of style year's ago….

  3. that awkward moment when she didn't answer the 2nd question xD I don't blame her though none of the judges seem that likeable this cycle

  4. were they even giving her critiques because all i kept hearing the judges say was that they did not like the photo at all. the judges on this cycle need to learn how to give constructed criticism.


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