America's Next Top Model Exit Interview: Justine Biticon's Episode 2 Elimination | VH1


Judge Drew Elliott talks to the first eliminated contestant, Justine Biticon, about her early exit from the competition and what’s next for her.


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America’s Next Top Model Exit Interview: Episode 2 Elimination | VH1


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  1. She's half latina, her dad is Mexican and she mentions only being a role model for asians?? It's a no from me dawg

  2. Funny how she was eliminated first, but now she is the most successful model out of this season by far and wide margins. vh1 supposedly claims they represent diversity, but clearly not. hypocritical racist vh1.

  3. What? This girl does not keep up with fashion at ALL. So many barriers in modeling industry broken by Asian women!! Liu Wen, Shu Pei, Ming Xi, Tao Okamoto, Fei Fei Sun, Du Juan, Xiao Wen Ju, Sui He, Sora Choi just to name a FEW!

  4. oh good she needs education as well ..not well verse when it comes to her chosen career.. well good for her if she signed for ford good luck

  5. There are definitely successful Asian models, but not really any that are household names and easily recognizable (like Naomi, Kate, Giselle, Tyra, Iman, etc)

  6. how could you say that you wish to represent the asian community where you cant even name a succesful asian model that should look up to..
    girl is not ready.

  7. that is so the wrong girl gone rita needs a reality paycheck justine deserved to be in top 2 with her look yes they made a mistake get tyra back rita is not american so she needs gone that ashely whoever it is should of been the host

  8. shes coming back because the footage from before the show even started showed her passing out and all that, none of that happened before she got eliminated.

  9. There are so many successful Asian models now and she can't name just one? Liu Wen? Ming Xi? Shu Pei? Sui He? Hyun Ji? Sora? Ho Yeon? None of them?

  10. I thought the girl being extra sexy was going home , they keep on giving a lot away during these previews though like their makeovers you see at least three clear models done over


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