America's Next Top Model Exit Interview: Krislian Rodriguez's Episode 6 Elimination | VH1


Judge Law Roach talks to the eliminated contestant, Krislian Rodriguez, about her exit from the competition and what’s next for her.

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America’s Next Top Model Exit Interview: Episode 6 Elimination | VH1


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  1. despite her being sexy (which i think is not a minus in modeling) she just sound so mature and sweet, i love her personality

  2. Why is Courtney being mentioned all the time in these exit interviews? It's the eliminated girl's interview not Courtney's.

  3. Krislian seems like a very professional girl not bashing people. She could have went all in on the judges for their crappy feedback but still stayed classy about it.
    I felt bad for Krislian, and last week for Giah at that. If we're being honest Kyle should've gone home. I love Kyle's look but she does nothing, which would be okay if her photos turned out well (Like Courtney's) but they don't. Krislian and Giah both have passion for modeling at least and were trying.
    I'm Calling this now.
    The winner will be either CoryAnne or Tatiana.
    Cory Anne already has the redemption edit.
    Tatiana is giving me mad Krista (cycle 14) vibes with the slowly creeping her way into the top and them never really saying anything bad about her despite her not doing that great or being a standout personality.
    My two favorites are Cody and India, I hope I'm wrong about the winner and one of my favorites wins.

  4. I agree with you Ikez boa Rita put the judges against Kristian abously she was jealous of her .Seriously whats wrong with been sexy and pretty

  5. if antm renew another season i hope tyra banks fired rita ora and hire someone like coco rocha or karolina kurkova or chrissy teigen

  6. Krislian ,to me, was treated unfairly in some way because SHE TRIED and SHE WORKED HARD to make adjustment to her image and how she takes photos. I felt bad for her

  7. Krislian knows the truth Rita just couldn't stand her that's why she didnt bother to mentor her and never cliqued with her. Krislian being nice but we all know. Kyle should have went home this episode.

  8. idg why the judges keep letting Kyle slide by in this competition. She started off relatively strong but week after week it's just the same below-average pics. And not to sound rude or anything, but she can't really walk in heels all that well… 98% of modeling is done in heels so that's definitely a huge disadvantage.
    Krislian seems like a sweet girl & I was kinda sad to see her go. I thought she could still prove the judges wrong & be more editorial bc she def had that fire to keep improving

  9. the Problem with the TV channel "VH1", is that 1) i dont get that channel as one of the channels in my TV cable package and 2) when i go to the "VH1" website, you have the full episodes Locked, is it good enough that we go to your site to watch missed episodes ?…… this is why alot of people go search for the next episode of ANTM else where, bad enough we pay for internet, and we cant afford a higher end cable package that has the "VH1" on it. please take the "padlock" off the episodes you have online on your website…………

  10. I actually really liked Krislian as a person, I thought she was actually a really meek and sweet girl. I just wish she had the ability to be fiercely edgy for once and produce a high fashion shot… 😔😓

  11. I feel like Rita was just jealous of her sexiness. I mean her dumbass gave her a bangs makeover when she didn't want her to be sexy. I mean her photos were not even bad at all. Kyle should have gone home.


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