America's Next Top Model Exit Interview: Kyle McCoy's Episode 7 Elimination | VH1


Judge Drew Elliott talks to the eliminated contestant, Kyle McCoy, about her exit from the competition and what’s next for her.


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America’s Next Top Model Exit Interview: Episode 7 Elimination | VH1


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  1. ahh shes cool.. shes quite handsome but like a model??? shes cant be the handsome model.. or any other model.

  2. i REALLY hope courtney wins. after this elimination i can say that all the other girls are annoying to me except for india and paige.

  3. They didn't have a longer discussion about how they think Courtney is an ass hole… This probably the first time

  4. Courtney definitely has the look and her still shots kill every time lol why do people act like she's not competition, I feel like they're setting us up for her to leave cause every episode they hateeee

  5. I feel like Courtney's gonna get eliminated soon (trust me, I don't want her to go but the odds aren't in her favor and no one gets along with her) BUT I do believe that she'll have the biggest career amongst the contestants. (My personal opinion.)

  6. Drew: People aren't Courtney fans, are they? LOL Courtney is always being mentioned when they ask who's the 'fighter'


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