America's Next Top Model: Lost Season

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What many people don’t know about James and John is that they were contestants on the unaired lost season of America’s Next Top Model. We are legally not allowed to reveal the winner of the season but we will say the Brit and the Yank worked Tyra Banks’ last nerve and Tyra decided to shelve the season altogether.

Thankfully, the fiercest season of this beloved reality competition is finally seeing the light of day just in time for the show to be rebooted on VH1 in the fall of 2016.

Who is the better model? Is James more catalogue? Is John more high fashion couture? Perhaps they are both destined for the back of a bus? Special guest judges this season included Janice Dickinson, Twiggy, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Giselle Bundchen, and Kate Moss.

The other contestants on this unaired season included current supermodels Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner. However, they were no match for A Brit and a Yank. Or were they? I guess we will never know. Maybe they will get invited back for an All Stars season and compete against Top Model greats Nyle DiMarco, Adrianne Curry, Ann Ward, Lisa D’Amato, Jourdan Miller and others.

Enjoy! And remember…we are rooting for you. We are all rooting for you!


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39 thoughts on “America's Next Top Model: Lost Season

  1. I am pissing myself – not literally .. Don't even go there ! … Lol . you both are So so funny , I am so impressed ! You guys should do a 'episode 2' where you both undergoing a Tyra – makeover ! LOL makeovers are hilarious on ANTM : '.. Cry cry .., don't cut my hair – if you cut it , my breathing stops ..cry cry ' ..-why somebody , who just entered a modelling competition , don't get it , that models are human hangers – nobody cares what these young girls want , as long as the clothes are looking shit – hot on their tiny little body . And by the way – nobody can argue w Tyra , she can cut you in half with one glance & eat your soul as a complimentary nibble for her low calory breakfast lol

  2. The face of McDonald's 😂😂
    Those photos are great btw. And don't you worry CUZ I'M ROOTING FOR YOU 🤘🏼

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