America's Next Top Model Now Meth Addict


“Out of the 252 girls that have competed in the 19 cycles of the show’s 9-year history, this is the first time that one of them has had such a severe downward spiral into drug addiction (publicly, at least).” Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and Wes Clark Jr. discuss this amazing story. Tell us in the comment section below if you have ever gone through recovering from addiction.

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  1. 01:25, you’d be surprised what some are willing to risk, just for the feeling of numbness from pain/worry/anxiety. Not to mention, everyone thinks they’re different and that they have things under control. It’s easy to not understand, and I certainly don’t blame you for not understanding. As that means you’re probably not suffering from intense severe pain, or other mental health issues. I just wish that they would stop the war on drugs, and use that funding for free mental healthcare for all, and focus on forced rehab, instead of jail. Jail/prison is not the answer for addiction.

  2. It is crazy that someone would dare to take the risk of using drugs . My addiction started at 19 because I had a severely traumatizing childhood and I wasn't really thinking about the consequences of it at the time. I just did it. I never use to smoke or drink and when I was younger I said I would never do anything like that or become like my mom who was a raging alcoholic. After sniffing a Percocet I went to sniffing heroin after sniffing it I was shooting it a week later. I then became homeless prostitute on the streets of Kensington and was content on dying in an alleyway alone down there. I lost everything to my name and wouldn't sleep or eat for weeks at a time. Luckily by the grace of God I'm going on four continuous years of sobriety. Sometimes I wonder how I became so blessed with another chance at life while others are not as fortunate

  3. I'd take Dr Phil over you goofballs any day… Stay in your own lane and on the subject. Quit ripping Dr Phil and you are doing the same thing for "ratings"…

  4. Jael did return to Dr. Phil a few years after that episode; clean and sober. Surprisingly, she thanked him for helping her because had he not gotten her help, she probably would have died. Her only criticism about it was that they showed the way she looked in that episode. She said she didn't want people to see how bad the meth messed up her face, but other than that, she had no negative comment to say about her experience.

  5. They discovered hot water…That's a way of saying in my country in relation to something that is obvious.
    American TV is all about overdramatizing everything. All their shows are full of drama and over the top moments.

  6. They used the wrong picture..They used Renee's picture from antm on the left… But the meth addict was Jael on the right

  7. I just started watching ANTM and just started watching the cycle she's in, sooo it's gonna be off putting to watch 😧

  8. Dr. Phil is a dick, he acts like he knows everything. You are obviously not a drug counselor cuz you wouldnt attack a struggling addict caught in the grip of addiction like that. She needed love and compassion and someone to point her the right direction not yell at them


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