America's Next Top Model' Star — Tyra Banks Popped My Zits!!! | TMZ


Tyra Banks had her models’ backs on “America’s Next Top Model,” according to former contestant Don Benjamin.

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America’s Next Top Model’ Star — Tyra Banks Popped My Zits!!! | TMZ



  1. Are you modeling much? You always felt confident, Mack daddy, Mack daddy. Swerving your curves all over the floor! Duuhaammm. Good luck in all that you need to connect with. It's the very most important part to makin it big…sociable, a little weird, and open minded like a mug able to be filled up sucked down and repeat. I served at a restaurant and for a while in the beginning it was so hard because I cocktailed, making 300+ lose momentum every night. It was actually even fun because it was rock–a-billy and I just danced as I worked. I was smart though. I didn't take breaks, since they have to be on the clock. I worked through and made a killing, stealing their rounds as well as mine, sometimes they would get pissed as if I should transfer it.

  2. I didn't know he was famous lol he was at our state fair this summer eating hahaha. He's from Minnesota and looks pretty chill tho. Props to him.

  3. I didn't know he was famous lol he was at our state fair this summer eating hahaha. He's from Minnesota and looks pretty chill tho. Props to him.

  4. bruhhhh this guy makes you feel some type of way. the type of way where your not even listening to what he's saying but just staring xDDD

  5. Calm the f down silly hoes when you would see any attractive male out in public you don't go this crazy kmt and they say us males are thirsty


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