America's Next Top Model: Worst Pictures of All Time


Over the years in America’s Next Top Model, there have been some very successful shoots, and in turn, there have also been some major flops. Here is a list of the five worst pictures to ever surface on the show.



  1. Umm where's lluvys Pisces, literally Tyra herself said that this is the worst photo in history of America's next top model. 😑😑😑😑😑😑

    And that was my favorite photoshoot of McKee and everyone at panel loved that picture. 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  2. Oh wow another youtuber who puts out lies on video haha i agree with leuke haha do your research before looking really fucking dumb….

  3. Omg Xiomara was indeed posing for a constipation ad for Enema Force Ltd. It was the Tyra-special exception pose given to her for winning the mascara challenge!!

  4. the only truly bad photo here is Xiomara's who was on Cycle 2 not Cycle 3.
    There's so much off about this video. like Nicole was on cycle 1, McKey is spelled wrong and the photo was well recieved by the panel who gave her a third call out during the first week. As for Cathy, she may have been eliminated for that photo but the judges agreed that the worst photo that week was Furonda's. Finally, Anchal's photo was nowhere near the worst that week despite it being the week she was eliminated.

  5. umm the judges liked mckees photo a lot…. she was meant to play with her boxer background it was part of the photoshoot theme


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