America's Next Top Model's Most Incredible Transformations


America’s Next Top Model is the reality show we’ve been most obsessed with, ever since its debut in 2003. And throughout the many years – and many model-hopefuls – we all anxiously awaited the incredibly fun makeover episode, each season. Here are the most incredible transformations in Top Model history…

Whitney Thompson | 0:20
Jeana Turner | 0:46
Brittani Kline | 1:11
Naima Mora | 1:38
Fatima Siad | 2:09
Alexandra Agro | 2:54



  1. What is this literal garbage monster that YouTube is forcing people to look at on the home page in a giant thumbnail? Kill it with fire before it lays eggs or something..🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. from the faces many can be seen the character is bad,sometines just dont kw why the americans like this kind of “stars”,maybe i know sth.
    about “face language”……

  3. How you forget about cycle 2 shandy and amanda from cycle 3 those makeover was astonishing and irreplaceable love those makeovers


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