America's Next Top Sim Model Cycle 4: Episode 7 [Part2/3]


Episode 7 part 2: “Not Early Enough!”
The remaining models continue their go-sees challenge. While some seem to struggle with clients others seem to struggle with time. Later, as the models start arriving to Joe & Julie’s special location, a twist is revealed that changes EVERYTHING!!!

Remaining models:
Aaron l Alejandro l Claude l Goran l Jane l Leorah l November l Raul l Tionne

::Alyssa::Irson::Madelin::Maraly::Emma:: Smith::

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  1. I hate doing this again, but is there anyway you could tell me whats the song at the end, when you're reveling more 2 finalists? 😀

  2. Thank GOD he is gone! PHEW! He was SOOO annoying!

    Although, it was a shock! And it might send Claude home, but prob not.
    I'm interested to see who wins the go-sees. :S
    Go Tionne, Jane and November!:)

  3. OMG I lovveee iitt !:D
    Hmpf, soo amazing lol
    glad Ale's a goner. He looks cool, but he kinda stunk in the shoots. Sad for Claude though!
    Oh, and what if none would have made it on time(antm 6, remember?)
    Then they would be all eliminated O.o

    haha lol, I think Anyck is kinda bored with the cycle, so she would take the chance to eliminate alot of them, lol
    & yay at the 2next cycle5 girls! 😀
    Goo Aaronn! he defeneltly is my fav rightnow! 😀

  4. Poor AleAle :{ well actually Poor Claude XD
    AleAle grew on me, he was one of ma faves :{
    Ah well I still like everyone ! 🙂

    and Oh …my … god ….
    *dies of excitement*

  5. YAAAYZ!!!
    Guuurl you just keep gettin better, and better!
    Poor Ale Ale, he was kinda growing….. but who cares?!?!?!
    Harley-Quinn still hasn't been announced 😮 but theres still 8 more parts to go till so she still has good chances!!!

  6. Wee! Luv it! And wee,________'s gone ^^,wasn't such a fan of him.Go Miss Tionne,and a little Raul.BTW,who won go-sees?

  7. Wow, that was hilarious, though shocking. I didnt expect ale to go, hes grown on me through the last epis. i hope Goran or Smith is going home at Panel *fingers crossed*

    Can't wait for the next part.

    I thought it was time for Alejandro to go, he just wasn't doing it for me xD


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