America's Next Top Sim Model Cycle 5: Episode 1 [Part 3]


Episode 1: Elimination

As always, sorry to the creator of the eliminated sim, it was a very hard decision for me personally.

Judges: Tyra Banks, Marcella Van Buren & Micoux Pimparé (Micoux16)
Special Guest Judge: Ti Phan (SamkinG88)

Photo Shoot: Easy, Breezy, Backwards
The girls do CoverGirl ads for specific looks that can be achieved using CG products. Who will be eliminated?

The photos:
Cycle 5 Prizes:
-The winner of ANTSM Cycle 5 will be signed to V I P Models & will win the spot of V I P Of The Month which includes a spread on the agency’s website.
– A Contract to join SCNTMUploads’ fashion house AJ Designs as one its models.
– A $500,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics
-A Cover & spread on Vogue Italia!

Still In:
Adia l Arorah l Brooke l Ema l Francis l Hallie l Harley-Quinn l Jolie l Morgan l Rainbowey l Rebecca l Renyk l Sakura l Verity l Véronique l Xiomara


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  1. wht the fuck!?nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!harely-quinn dont desrv 2 stay!

  2. Omg. 7th CO. Not bad! Let's go Morgan!! =] I am happy Harley Q stayed! I really like her. I think she's super pretty. =]

  3. @Iokl10Sims GUUURL!!! You alive! Where the hell has your fugly ass been in the past few months?!?! I thought you left!…but I was wrong -___- JKJKJK! YAY Afarioooo! xD

  4. @SamkinG88 Yeah, don't mess with the T-Phan! LOLz And I, too fell awful for the first girls to get the boot as well! Thanks to YOU for saying yes! ahaha

  5. @krazygames LMAO Now I want to know what you've been up to! And I have no idea what bottom 2 thing you're talking about so feel free to take it LOLz

  6. @christineladuc Ahaha! YAH! So far the guest judging thing is kinda interesting cuz we can't all agree 100% on anything! But it's fun to get other people's point of view 🙂

  7. Judging room = just fab. I love it~! Thankfully you allready did the CG shoot! So you're allready done with that commercial crap: up next HIGH FASHION.
    And I LOOOOOOVE how the judges disagree at almost every photo <3
    And semi-w00t for Micoux new makeover hihi 😛
    And Véro second callout! YAY. that pic was HF all the way . My personal fav had to be Brooke's
    Go Vérobec!

  8. LOVED. The pictures were STUNNIIIIING!! I'm glad HQ stayed, I kinda like her.
    The judging room is amazing!

    GO EMA!!

    Question: Wasn't I Donnie? XD

  9. Holy crumblenuts! That was super awesome, apart from HarlsQ being in the bottom two ( Oooooh that rhymed :D) but yeah, still awesome! Go mostly everyone who ain't a bitch.

  10. Oh.My.Gosh. I CANNOT believe that Arorah got first callout. I seriously thought before this episode she would do bad, but i was really wrong. YAY!! Thank u so so so much OZ! I loved all the pictures and Im 99.9% sure you made the right decision.
    Go Arorah and Jolie <3

  11. Ouch bottom 4, I hope sakura is going to step up
    great photos oz !! I loved ittt !
    Verity wasn't that memorable soo I'm not complaining XD (a)

  12. awww … I absolutely LOVED her photo … but her attitude was not so good,poor miss thang D: … also I continue to luv Brooke. Go Brooke C: win tha bearrr

  13. YAY! I loved the panel room and the photos!
    I'm glad Verity was eliminated because I didn't really like her that much xD
    Amazing job Os! 😀


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