America's Next Top Sim Model Cycle 6: Episode 2


ANTSM Cycle 6: Episode 2

The race goes on as the remaining 14 battle it out!

The Prizes:
The winner of cycle 6 will walk away with a Cover & spread in Vogue Italia, contacts with CoverGirl Cosmetics and V I P Models and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to replace Marcella as V I P representative and be featured as a judge in all V I P Models represented SNTMs!

The girls:
Alice l Alicia l Clark l Eboni l Epiphanie l Kat l Kendal l Maxine l Morgan l Natalie l Samantha l Stefani l Ufuoma l Vanessa

Eliminated: Annika

The Photos: High Fashion NYC Squatters


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  1. Go Kat, Clark, Ufoma, Alicia and Samantha
    Lol we dropped off the face of the earth so we have some catching up to do
    I can't breathe cuz I laughed so much and I almost peed myself and now I have to go to the bathroom ROFL XD Hilarious episode.
    Damn Alicia…WORK IT! Love your photo
    Clark…gurl u failed dis week. Thank da lawd Vanessa did worse

  2. I actually liked Maxine's photo, I saw it and I was like DAYUMM. I'm glad Clark stayed, I don't think her look is "common". She has a really high fashion, gorgeous face.
    Go Maxine, Natalie, Kat, Ufuoma, Clark, and Samantha!

  3. oouchh Clark did the worst : thank you for saving her, hope she will improves and stop com0plaining 😉 anyways love the photos, agree Alicia did the best!! Go Clark & Alicia

  4. YES YES YES!!!! you're doing house parts also 😀 I loved the whole episode. From the house part to panel! I like the theme of the shoot, it reminds me a bit of a photoshoot from last cycle? nd' the photos were slammin' ! I can't wait for makeovers & the next episodeeee. I didn't really liked the eliminated girl, cause I didn't remember her personality & her look :s go Natalie, Alicia, Kendal, Clark, Ufuoma, Eboni & maybe samantha.

  5. great episode. I really liked. Ufuoma and Stefani are so so funny. I laugh so much when they're having screentime. Stefani made me laught with that confession for no reason, and Ufuoma made laugh for searching for angels xDDDD! I love them. The photos are amazing, and I can't wait for more. Go Ufuoma and Stefani. VIP=Ufuoma 🙂

  6. amazing episode as always loved the shoot my vote for VIP goes to Alicia she killed it
    GO Maxine<3,Alicia<3,Kat,Alice,Sam,Stefani and Clark

  7. Loved the episode so glad she stayed cause i really didnt care about the other girl. Can't wait till makeovers…Go Eboni, Ufuoma,Clark,Epiphanie, and that's it for now

  8. yayy. finally, this episode looked like it tooked 4ever to be uploaded xD. Really like the house parts, and I am really happy that you do that cuz those parts are the best xD. I really liked the photos, and I am glad that my Ufuoma stayed one more week. I am praying to god for her to stay more and more weeks. Can't wait for makeovers, and About the eliminated girl I wasn't a big face of her, so I'm ok with her leaving ; )
    Go Ufuoma, Maxxie, Stefani and Alice ;D

  9. Oh my gosh, this is awesome.
    I really like how you put the drama in the house, i think is very cool and i'm enjoying every single seconds on this video, i'm so sad she leave but her picture is weak. Kendal FTW

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS EPISODE! And Clark, is a total psychopath. I love her sass though. Sad to see _______ go, she was really genuine and very respectable. Anyways, GO ALICIA, KAT, EBONI, SAMANTHA, STEFANI AND UFUOMA!


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