America's Next Topmodel Cycle 24 Episode 8 – Beauty Is Social

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In this Video:
With the help of Tyra Banks’ savvy social media tips, the top
seven transform into media mavens in order to compete in a
digital campaign for supermodel Jourdan Dunn’s clothing Line.
Then the models had a shoot in gold with awesome curvy
male models

-Who shined threw the gold?? ( Tag your favorite Modelsl)



-ANTM Cycle 24 Episode 7



I. H.A.Y [NCS Release]



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34 thoughts on “America's Next Topmodel Cycle 24 Episode 8 – Beauty Is Social

  1. My Callout:
    1.Jeana 45.6
    2. Kyla 45.2
    3. Erin 39.8
    4. Shanice 39.6
    5.Sandra 36.9
    6.Khrytsyana 35.0
    Bottom two Brendi K and Rio
    Stayed: Rio 34.8
    Eliminated: Brendi K 31.9

  2. I wonder why Jeana is not giving a chance to win every episode of this cycle it's kinda smell fishy right here.

  3. I can't believe this episode. Like, WTF!!!
    Sandra's phots are improving so she should've stayed.
    Rio's inconsistent for me and she's slipping away so she should get eliminated that panel.
    Another thing.
    How could Tyra Banks said that Khrystyana was inconsistent when she's always delivering powerful shots WEEK after WEEK and that photo is her FIRST weak photo!
    Where's the justice!
    First Maggie, the Liberty, then Sandra!
    What on Earth!
    I love the new cycle cause it's more high fashion but it has more unfair eliminations that the last one (shout for Rita eliminating Cody and Courtney)

  4. My call out (out of 20)
    1. Shanice (best photo) 19.5
    2. Jeana 17
    3. Kyla 16.5
    4. Erin 16
    5. Khrystiana 14.5
    6. Sandra 13
    7. Brendi K (bottom 2) 9
    8. Rio (eliminated) 7.5

  5. This is probably rigged now, I have a feeling Tyra's only doing this for the cash and isn't serious no more. I've watched all the seasons and the eliminations in this one are unlike any other, most of them are unfair. Wake up Tyra, you are disappointing me.

  6. WTF!!! JEANA IS ALWAYS 2ND. HER PHOTO WAS REALLY REALLY GOOD. She doesn't have any best photo (except for the episode 7). I wish Jeana won the competition.

  7. Based on that photo Rio was the weakest. Krystanna photo was strongest. Erin should go and sadly Jeana is getting bit samey.

  8. Isn't Rio doing the same thing with her face over and over again? Looks EXACTLY the same as the drag queen photoshoot even the pose is the same/ similar. Really like Sandra's photo, she was robbed.

  9. My callout
    1.Shanice 19
    2.Erin 17'5
    3'Kyla 17'25
    4'Sandra 16.5
    5'Jeana 16'25
    6'Brendik 10.75
    7.Rio 7
    8.Krystyana 3'75

  10. Wtf I thought Sandra had the best picture, this season has so many unfair eliminations, Tyra sit yo ass down, you're too old for this. Let Rita do it.

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